Newsmax 1-Hour Special

Sid Roth’s guests, Barry and Batya Segal, make the Biblical case for Israel’s existence and blast away misconceptions about the current Hamas war! Then, Dr. Neil Goodman, a Jewish pediatrician immersed in scientific reasoning, got the shock of his life when God gave him a supernatural sign!

God has a Plan to SAVE His people!

Barry & Batya Segal are a living witness of the modern miracle that we call Israel! Barry and Batya live under the constant threat of rocket barrages. Some Israelis have only 15 seconds to find shelter! Tune in to hear their personal stories as they share Israel’s past and present, plus new challenges Israel faces today! What you hear and see will remove any misconceptions about this current war between Hamas and Israel! GET READY!

God’s Name is in Your DNA!

God says that Jewish people require a sign – a miracle – to believe in Jesus as Messiah. DR. NEIL GOODMAN, a skeptical Jewish pediatrician who depended completely on scientific reasoning, was absolutely SHOCKED when God gave him that miracle sign! This is one doctor’s appointment you will not want to miss!