September 2021 Newsletter

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Messianic Vision - September 2021 Newsletter

By Brenda Kunneman

God wants your family life and experience to be your greatest joy!

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If there is anything that strikes at the heart of most people, it’s the wellbeing of their loved ones. With the current condition of our society, many people have become deeply concerned about their family’s future and overall wellbeing. But we must remember that God does not want us to be fearful. God is all about taking care of our families! He is committed to helping your family live a peaceful, abundant, and flourishing life. He is committed to keeping your family intact and causing your home to be a place where He is glorified. God wants your family life and experience to be your greatest joy!

There are many elements that go into making our families and our home lives strong and successful. It certainly doesn’t happen automatically and without dedication. We need to actively invest in our families, and there are many elements involved in that. It requires both spiritual and natural effort; it requires faith and prayer.

One of the key elements people sometimes miss when it comes to putting the spiritual element at the forefront of building strong, stable families is their words and confessions of faith..

What we say to and about our loved ones sets the course for the outcome.

If we declare God’s Word in faith regarding our family, it brings the Lord’s power onto the scene. If we speak words of fear and frustration, it can open the door to the enemy. When you’re under attack and feeling emotional, one of the most challenging things to do is control what comes out of your mouth. We have a tendency as humans to lean toward the negative. Don’t become the devil’s prophet with your mouth!

Instead, we need to develop the ability—in the moment—to speak according to faith and God’s Word. We have creative power with our words. What do you need created in your family today? Do you need peace restored? Do you need the works of the enemy to be stopped in their tracks? Then you need to learn to declare out of your mouth so that you can see the results you are looking for.

Our words are powerful tools in building up our family

, and we need to prioritize speaking faith-filled words over them. James 3:6 reminds us that our words set nature in motion. This most certainly applies to how we speak to and about our family members. It also applies in how we speak about our homes, our future, and our finances.

In a culture that aims to break down the family structure, we need to speak the right things over our lives and families. We need to verbally take authority over the power of the enemy that would attempt to bring any form of attack or destruction on our families and homes.

We have the power to decree

and put words into the atmosphere that will bring forth the manifestation of God’s supernatural power upon our family life. Our declaration of faith not only sets things in motion both spiritually and naturally, but it also builds our own faith that God is working out His purposes for our loved ones and will not let them fall. Our decree and declaration over our family also serves as a reminder to us that we should not slip into the temptation to speak negatively when it looks in the natural realm like things are turning out opposite of what we desire.

A decree is different than just saying positive words. It’s a command of force that the enemy cannot alter when it is backed by Almighty God and His Word. The enemy might want to make you think he can disrupt your declaration, but that’s not true. A decree is a spiritual order of restraint against the powers of darkness.

Decrees are a weapon to help families stand strong in the purposes of God so they can remain unified and experience prosperity and blessing. They will build faith in your spirit that whatever your family faces, God is working a miracle to turn it around for good. You will also be reminding the enemy that your family, property, and possessions are off limits and that your family will remain safe and secure! As you decree God’s words over your loved ones, you are setting nature in motion and establishing a bright future for those you love. It’s time to declare blessing and breakthrough over your family!

Here are just three decrees from my brand-new book, Daily Decrees for Family Blessing and Breakthrough, that you can begin declaring today!

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Peace in Our Home

Today we decree that our home is filled with God’s unsurpassable peace. The atmosphere is saturated with tranquility and serenity. We rely on the Lord’s peace, which provides a sense of assurance in our minds and emotions. We declare that we are relaxed and calm. We break the powers of agitation, mayhem, chaos, and disarray in the Name of Jesus! We cast out any evil spirit that would bring disorder to the atmosphere. We declare that those who dwell in our home contribute to peace and do not give place to anything that would create turmoil. We speak that every person who enters our home is enveloped in heavenly peace. We say our home is a place where guests feel the Lord’s supernatural rest upon them, and it opens the way for miracles in their lives. We speak great peace upon our home, in the mighty Name of Jesus!

Financial Provision and Increase

We decree that we live in a constant place of financial provision and increase. We live under that continual fountain of heavenly supply. We say that each year our finances grow to another level of increase and abundance. We break the power of decrease and decline, in the Name of Jesus! We break the power of bankruptcy, deficiency, and depletion. We prophesy that financial distress and crisis of every kind is replaced with financial contentment and stability. We say that we receive regular boosts and raises and that no bill goes unpaid. We will always have more than enough, excess, and overflow, and every need we will ever have shall be provided for, in Jesus’ Name!

A No-Fly Zone!

We decree that our house is a no-fly zone to the operations of the enemy! Just as the children of Israel were separated by God from the plague of flies that came upon the Egyptians, so are we protected from every plague of the enemy. No evil forces, plots, plans, or works of demonic spirits can access the premises of our house. We say that the doors to our home are never entered by any entity that is in opposition to God. We break the power of any spells, incantations, or hexes from any witch, warlock, or worker of divination, in Jesus’ Name. We prophesy that no plague, pestilence, accident, tragedy, calamity, mischief, or mayhem is allowed to enter here, in the Name of Jesus! All forces of darkness and evil must cease and desist from any maneuver or operation being attempted against this household. Our house is protected by the blood of Jesus that is upon its doorposts. A divine hedge surrounds our property and the angels of the Most High are standing guard. We live in safety and peace because our house is a no-fly zone to the enemy!

Brenda Kunneman pastors Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband, Hank. She is a writer and teacher who ministers nationally and internationally.


Dear Mishpochah (Family) By Sid Roth

I just got a word from Keith Ellis, a prophet who has given me some of the most significant and accurate words I have ever received. They were literal gamechangers. Several years ago, he told me to purchase the Middle East TV network (METV). God worked a miracle, and we were able to buy the network for all cash! I call METV the crown jewel of the Middle East. Anyone in Israel who owns a TV set can watch it. It also covers the entire Middle East and more.

My mandate for our media (METV, ISN Network and our anchor show, It’s Supernatural!) comes from Isaiah 40:9 (nlt): O Zion, messenger of Good News, shout from the mountaintops! Shout it LOUDER TO JERUSALEM. Shout, and do not be afraid. Tell the towns of Judah, “Your God is coming!”

Now Keith Ellis has added another strong word—“EXPANSION! YOUR VOICE MUST BE AMPLIFIED!” I am in the process of following that word quickly and to the best of my ability.

Why now? Because my call is also found in Habakkuk 2:14: For as the waters fill the sea, the earth will be filled with an AWARENESS of the GLORY of the Lord.

Another prophet had a confirming word for me. She saw two clocks. One was counting down quickly till Jesus returned. The other clock was counting up the number of souls I was reaching through media. But God said the number of souls was not moving quickly enough! This is why God is saying to EXPAND!

Keith has also had frequent visions of sunflowers for me. He saw a field so filled with sunflowers, he could not see the end. There are one to two thousand seeds in each sunflower. Sunflowers get their name because they bend to follow the sun. They almost grow themselves. And once sunflowers begin to grow, they grow quickly!

Here is a Scripture for you starting this year! Isaiah 32:20 (ampc): HAPPY and FORTUNATE are you who cast your SEED upon ALL waters [WHEN the RIVER OVERFLOWS its BANKS (the Greater Glory); for the SEED will sink into the mud and when the waters subside, the plant will SPRING UP; you will find it after many days and REAP an ABUNDANT HARVEST]….

Here is a text I received from a Jewish woman active in the Jewish community who I have been witnessing to for two years. I take this as a sign from God of the firstfruits of the Great Harvest, “to the Jew first and also to the Gentile!”

I wanted to personally thank you for a most incredible day. I attended services today and met with Jonathan Cahn afterwards as a result of your call. We shared and explored so many issues and it became clear that I have known in my mind and heart that which seemed so elusive. Jonathan shared with me a like struggle, and I was able to see so clearly that I knew the reason I had been drawn there today. Jonathan prayed with me, and I have become born again.

None of this journey would have happened without our first conversation, your book, guidance and wisdom along the way. Thank you for your caring support and guidance. There are no coincidences in G-d’s world, and I am grateful He led me to you.

Help me sow more seeds at the time of the Greatest Outpouring of God’s Spirit in history—the Greater Glory! Billions of souls hang in the balance. Help me speed up the clock counting souls. God promises those who help will be “HAPPY” and “FORTUNATE.” I’ll meet you at Academy RE-wards Night in heaven! Blessed Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Feast of Tabernacles!!