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Messianic Vision - March 2016 Newsletter

Only the Fire of God!

By Sid Roth

I didn’t have a clue we were making such spiritual history when I mobilized the largest gathering of Messianic Jews in Israel in over 1,900 years! It was called, “Shavuot ’88.” That was 30 years ago on Pentecost (Shavuot). The history was not in booking almost an entire El Al jet jam-packed with 476 mostly Messianic Jews from America, nor the 500 plus who joined us from Israel at our conference hotel in Jerusalem. Rather, it was what happened 30 years later at that very hotel at virtually the same time.

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We chose that location because it was the only Jewish-owned hotel in Jerusalem that allowed us to use a microphone due to rabbinic restrictions on Shavuot. Dr. Michael Brown was one of our opening speakers. He prophesied fire from heaven would come in that building. God says “everyone who asks receives.” The fire of God has come 30 years later!

Only the “fire of God” could have placed a U.S. President in office who would have the nerve to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem in spite of intense pressure from Arab oil interests and threats from terrorist organizations! And guess which property the U.S. Embassy purchased? The hotel where we staged our conference. And guess when they opened the embassy? Just days before Shavuot 2018. The intense prayer by so many Messianic Jews 30 years ago literally brought the fire from heaven and against all odds, birthed our U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem!

God keeps telling me that I am about to enter something new.

I’m reminded of Hebrews 6:12: “through faith and patience [we] inherit the promises.” If God moved heaven and earth through our prayers 30 years ago, I wonder what prayers I prayed years ago in tongues are about to see answers come forth? God keeps telling me that I am about to enter something new. He keeps saying He is about to give me new clothes (which represent a new mantle). I spent many hours praying in tongues and fasting years ago. I still pray daily at least an hour. I know God is about to answer my prayers. I know it involves Israel, evangelizing Jewish people first and then the Gentiles worldwide, signs and wonders and the Greater Glory. My heart’s desire is to equip you to move in your unique destiny and for God to one day say to each of us, Well done good and faithful servant!

The resource I want to mentor you with is the new book and 3-CD series by Mary Hasz, The Healing Journey: Conversations with Holy Spirit for Breakthrough. I have no doubt these conversations were birthed in heaven. Your faith will skyrocket as Mary shares the 21 revelations she received from the Holy Spirit, so simple yet so profound. With all my study on healing, I can tell you new ideas about healing exploded in my spirit from Mary’s teaching. There is no formula for healing but I believe the Holy Spirit will quicken one or more of these heavenly revelations to trigger a mega jump in your faith. From these revelations Mary was healed of a severe, incurable, hopeless form of muscular dystrophy.

In addition she had a 33-degree curvature of the spine straighten supernaturally without surgery! In the natural, this healing was impossible without surgery. The doctors were mystified by her before-and-after spinal x-rays.

I urge you to get  The Healing Journey (Book & 3-CD Set).

Matthew 13:52 (NIV) says, “the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.” I am grateful for the “old,” all that God has done in our ministry to date. You have just read about Shavuot ’88—the largest gathering of Messianic Jews in Jerusalem in over 1,900 years. And more recently, God has blessed us with Middle East TV Network and It’s Supernatural! Network, distributing over 3.1 million evangelistic books to Jewish people worldwide and our evangelistic outreaches. More Jewish people in Israel have made professions of faith at our outreaches than Israel has seen since the first days of the church! But I am expecting the “new,” which includes the Greater Glory, to break out in our ministry at any moment! The “new” will far eclipse the “old.”

History was made 30 years ago at our historic conference in Jerusalem. The 1988 Israeli newspaper headline in Hebrew was, “Messiah Is Already Here”. Fresh history, the “new,” has been made at that same time and location 30 years later. Your history is about to change too! Don’t stand on the sidelines and just observe. You are called to be a participant in a greater outpouring of God’s Glory than what was experienced in the Book of Acts. It’s not an accident you were born to be front and center for such a time as this!


Conversations with the Holy Spirit to Birth Your Miracle

by Mary Hasz

What do you do when you are healed of an incurable, painful, debilitating disease and then years later, now married with five children, it comes back with a vengeance? From this hopeless dark place, Mary Hasz gave up and just wanted to die. The only way she could walk without falling and seriously injuring herself was in her swimming pool. She began crying out to God for answers every day in her pool. And did God answer! He gave her 21 revelations about healing that she began experimenting with that led to her medical miracle! She calls her revelations “conversations with Holy Spirit.” She believes, as I do, one or more of these revelations from heaven will unlock your miracle as well as your ministry to others. —Sid

I began noticing a great decline in the pain circulating in my body. Then a strong stabbing pain would suddenly strike somewhere in my body, usually in my arms, hands, legs, or feet.

Holy Spirit instructed me: Treat each of these pains as a word of knowledge. Stop agreeing with these pains as though they were your own. Pray for others for the specific pain you are experiencing.

I love when Holy Spirit gives me strategies to bring breakthroughs in my life. This one was revolutionary. I no longer partner with fear that my symptoms are returning. If any pain hits my body, I treat it as a word of knowledge. I have purposed to stop agreeing with it as though it is my pain. I do not wait for a phone call from someone to tell me they have a similar pain. If I have a pain hit my right foot, I say, “Father God, whoever in the body of Messiah has pain in their right foot, I release healing to them in Jesus’ name.”

For to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:8).

Words of knowledge come in many forms: a symptom of physical pain in one’s own body, a vision, a slight impression, an inspired thought, and many other ways. Utilize these words of knowledge to target healing to that specific pain or disease in someone’s body.

The symptoms usually leave my body quickly. The enemy has stopped coming against me with so many odd pains. I have stopped agreeing with symptoms and I consistently release healing to the body of Messiah in prayer, thus reaping the healing in my own body.

Here is an example in my own life where I prayed for someone and reaped healing in my own body. A few months after CMT (a form of muscular dystrophy) hindered my ability to walk, I was attending church on a Sunday morning in Greensboro, North Carolina. Holy Spirit spoke to me and highlighted the lady across the congregation, I want you to pray for her.

I had recently been introduced to Diane and knew she was struggling with physical symptoms. She was in the process of having a series of tests to determine the cause.

I spoke back to Holy Spirit and said, “Do you know who you are talking to? I am very unhealthy and not in a good place myself.”

Throughout the service, I kept hearing it repeated in my spirit, Pray for her.

I approached her after the service ended and asked, “Can I pray for you sometime?”

She said, “Yes. Come to my house today,” and gave me her address.

I drove to Diane’s home that afternoon. She had great difficulty walking and sat in a chair as I began to pray for her. My prayer was interrupted by her phone ringing. She picked it up, greeted the person with a “Hello,” and began a conversation with them.

I began having my own private dialogue with Holy Spirit. I asked, “God, if you are wanting to flow healing through me into Diane, would you please let a little bit touch me in the process?”

I looked down at my paralyzed feet. I willed my feet to lift. Both feet lifted for the first time since the disease had struck my body! I was shocked and began to cry with joy.

Diane got off the phone and asked, “What’s wrong?” “I have had a miracle and I can move my feet!” I exclaimed. God honored the prayers I had sown into Diane and I reaped a touch of healing in my own body. Praise God!

Prayer: Father God, I pray for whoever in the body of Messiah has (name your symptom). I release healing to them right now. I make no agreement with this symptom. Thank you for taking it away and making me whole. It is not mine, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Mary Hasz is an author, traveling minister and artist who walks in the prophetic and healing giftings. She and her husband, Rich, have five children and live in Moravian Falls, NC.