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Messianic Vision - September 2014 Newsletter

Introduction by Sid Roth

Apostle Maldonado has one of the largest multicultural churches in America. He has been a guest on my show several times and has had overwhelming success as a pastor and apostle. But recently, Guillermo encountered the love of God in a way that brought a marked transformation in his life. God is no respecter of persons. I want you to experience the same encounter and transformation.

The Key to Supernatural Transformation

By Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

There’s a difference between being filled with the love of God and being baptized with the love of God. When you are filled, you are filled to the maximum capacity you can hold. When you are baptized in something, you are submerged completely in it. When you are baptized in love, you are totally submerged in the love of God.

One day as I was praying, I suddenly felt a liquid falling on my head and my back. I was convinced I had a leak in my ceiling. When I looked around I didn’t see anything, but I still felt the liquid falling on me. And I heard God say, “Son, this is My liquid love.” I then began to weep.

After that experience, I have seen how that “liquid love” from God has changed my perspective. I see people the way God sees them. I love the unlovable. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel or move in God’s love before. But this encounter took me to a whole new dimension.

Shortly after receiving this baptism of love, I met a man who was totally bound to alcohol. His body reeked of alcohol and garbage — not someone I would be drawn to in the natural. Yet, when I saw him, I loved him and was moved with compassion. I prayed for him and God delivered him and set him free.

Everything Jesus did in the Scriptures, He did out of love. Faith works through love. Many people have faith but they don’t have the love. The root, the foundation of faith, is love. When faith is not motivated by love, it is contaminated.

In the Scriptures it often says Jesus had compassion, and then out of that compassion the miracles erupted. I have experienced an increase of the supernatural in my life since I have come into this baptism of love, including seeing people healed of cancer.

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When Jesus was moved with compassion, He was moved to do something. In other words, you cannot walk in that kind of love and not do something for people. It moves you. That’s what the Bible says. He was moved with compassion. When you have the baptism of love, you are moved to pray for the sick. You are moved when you see a need in people. You are moved to step out and do things by love.

To prepare for this baptism of love, you need to become selfless instead of selfish. A selfish person is full of himself or herself. A selfless person is empty of himself or herself. Every time you die to self is a moment for God to fill you with His love.

Many believers today don’t like the phrase “die to self.” Jesus said that if someone wants to be His disciple, “… let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me” (Luke 9:23 NKJV).

The hyper-grace message preaches that you don’t have to do anything because Jesus already did it all on the cross. You don’t need to pray, you don’t need to die to self. When Jesus died for us, He declared, “It is finished.” But does that mean we don’t have to do anything to receive?

Jesus did accomplish everything He was supposed to do through His death. But there is a death that we need to die. Not to earn grace or favor. Not to earn anything, because Jesus already paid the price. But we have to die to self in order for Jesus to release what He already earned on the cross. Jesus said if you want to win His life, you need to die to your own. It’s very simple, but it’s very powerful.

Jesus is only Lord of your life in the areas you have surrendered. Let me give you a definition of surrender — dying to self. If you have not surrendered your money, Jesus cannot be the Lord of your money. If you have not surrendered your family, Jesus cannot be the Lord of your family.

The measure in which you die to self is the measure in which God’s life will increase and manifest in you. The measure in which you give of yourself to God, yielding to Him through His grace, is the measure in which He will give of Himself to you, with all His blessings.

I know many people who are reading this right now are experiencing challenges in their lives. Could it be that God is using that situation you’re going through to cause you to surrender to Him? God cannot intervene in your life in any area until you make a decision to die to self, to surrender.

People are afraid to surrender because they are afraid to lose control of their life. But if you are in control, Jesus is not in control. Nothing is going to happen until you trust completely, until you rest in the work of the cross and say, “Jesus, I have died to what I want. I need Your baptism of love.”

Contrary to what many people think, surrender to God brings peace, joy and purpose into your life. As you increasingly yield to Him, your heart will become a dwelling place for God’s presence, you will better manifest His nature and will receive a greater measure of His power. The level of anointing that operates in your life is proportionate to your level of surrender.

An important final note: death to self is continual. It’s not just a one-time death. We have to make a decision daily between controlling an area of our lives or surrendering it to God. If you surrender to Him, God will bring supernatural transformation. Ministries will be birthed, healings will be manifested and destinies will be fulfilled because of that transformation.

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado is the Senior Pastor and Founder of King Jesus International Ministry, considered one of the fastest growing multicultural churches in the United States. He holds a Doctorate in Divinity and is the author of over 50 books.

Dear Mishpochah

God is brilliant! As you may know, we broadcast our evangelistic TV show on secular television throughout Ukraine in the Ukrainian language, seven nights a week during prime time. However, I was thinking about canceling this station because the airtime is very expensive and our income has been running behind. On the other hand, I know that Ukraine is filled with Jewish people, and anti-Semitism there is at an all time high. I recently watched a video of hundreds of Ukrainian Nazis with swastikas on their arms shouting their hatred. As I was pondering what to do, I received a prophetic word from former TV guest Gary Wood. This word was from God for me. But it is also for you!

The only thing that will limit you now is where you allow your faith to carry you. So allow Me to rise up Big on the inside of you and allow the faith that you are being stirred up in these days to take you into manifestations and demonstrations of My glory. How far can you go? How far can you think? How far can you see? How far will you allow the Spirit of faith to take you? For it is all open and there are no limitations in Me, saith God. The faith of the Son of God is inside you! The mighty force that makes all things possible.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Heidi Baker. Heidi and her husband Rolland have started thousands of churches in Mozambique. Most believers would be satisfied that they were doing all God wanted with everything that the Bakers have accomplished. But a prophet gave Heidi the same word I got from Gary Wood — “Your vision is too small!”

Then I received an email about our Ukrainian TV station. They just merged with another secular TV network that has ten million homes subscribed to their channel. If there are an average of three people per household, that means we now have a potential 30 million new viewers. Many of these subscribers are Ukrainians who have already fled to other parts of Europe because of the unrest in Ukraine.

We have just translated our Eyewitness evangelistic booklet into Ukrainian. Our partner in Ukraine wrote, “There is an army inside the terrorist army of Russians in Ukraine. They are especially hateful of Christians. They are offering a reward of $1,800 for information leading to the capture of any pastor. All of our pastors now have a price on their heads.” In addition to reaching the unsaved, we receive thousands of emails from Christians who are being encouraged and are growing in faith from our TV show in Ukraine.

With what is happening in Ukraine, I am so glad I did not let my natural thinking cause me to close the door God had opened for us.

As I write this letter I have just received an invitation to conduct another outreach in Jerusalem. I know there will be over 500 unsaved Jews at this meeting.

Update: Since the time of writing this newsletter, we conducted the outreach in Jerusalem. Watch my outreach report to see the historic response.

On my last trip to Israel I spoke to nearly 250 unsaved Jews and the majority stood up and made a profession of faith. A prominent Israeli Jewish believer accused me of exaggerating when I talked about the amazing results of that outreach. He said that in an average Messianic Jewish congregation in Israel, it would be extremely rare to see more than two or three Israelis make a decision to follow Yeshua in a full year. I offered to send him the video of the event.

I believe Israel is ready to explode with evangelism. I believe modern-day “Paul the Apostles” are going to come from the 500 who will be in my meeting.

  • This is why we are pouring money into these doors of evangelism in Israel that God has opened.
  • This is why we just completed an evangelistic website for Orthodox Jews in Israel.
  • This is why we are on religious and secular television 28 times a week in Israel.
  • This is why I am stopping everything to run to Jerusalem for evangelism.
  • This is why I was created!

How far can you go? You have been called to the Kingdom for such a time as this!

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