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(The following is an excerpt from David Herzog’s brand new book, Glory Invasion.)

HerzogsI have always wondered how God could have created everything out of nothing. Though I totally believe and have believed the creation account from my earliest youth, I never quite understood how this could be. I knew that if one day I could understand how God did create something out of seemingly nothing then we could also use the same principles to see the creative handiwork of God again in our day.

It says in Hebrews 11:3 that everything that was made was made of things that are not visible. It does not say that God created everything out of nothing. It simply states what kind of things He used — invisible things. The more I meditated on this the more the entire creation account made perfect sense.

It clearly says, “things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” So what are these invisible things that He used to create everything?

To get a glimpse let’s check out the creation account in Genesis 1:1-2: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

The first invisible thing God did was to send His own Spirit or Glory upon the earth. The first ingredient is the Glory. Once you are in a Glory Zone anything is possible. God used His own Spirit as the first major ingredient that is not visible.

Let’s look at the next verse: “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light” (Genesis 1:3). The second invisible ingredient is sound or sound waves as they are called today. God spoke and everything was created. How did sound create the earth and stars and then everything else in the same manner by simply declaring them to be created? Once the atmosphere of the Glory and presence of God was on the earth, all God had to do was speak into His own cloud of Glory. Once you are in the Glory Zone and you also speak things out that God is telling or showing you, they start to be created at that moment.

There is a difference in just saying words flippantly as opposed to prophetically declaring with conviction those same words when you are in a zone or atmosphere of His Glory.Why is that? He is the Creator so, if you follow the same pattern of waiting for His Glory to come and then speak out what He is saying, the same things will follow.

Recent discoveries have revealed that the smallest particle that exists is not the electron or the neutron. When you take the smallest atom known to man and split it up one more time, there is one particle inside the smallest particle. This smallest particle is known as sound or sound waves. Sound waves are the smallest living substance unseen by the human eye that is at the core of every created thing. Now the Scripture that says, “the stones would…cry out” (Luke 19:40) makes more sense. Sound was the main ingredient that is the base composition of all created things. God spoke them and then they were created. Therefore, sound waves are imbedded in every created thing.

According to Genesis, man was created from the dust. In Hebrew the word dust does not mean dirt. It actually means, “smallest created particle.” We now know that the smallest particle is a sound wave, the building block and first ingredient of all things created. So now we can say that man was created with the ingredient of “sound waves.”

Also, it is now being discovered that sound waves actually respond to the spoken word. So if this is true then every created thing can “hear” in a sense and respond in some way as all things created were first created with the same core ingredients — sound and the Glory or presence of God.

In the book of Psalms, God commands the sun, moon and stars to praise Him. He even commands mountains and hills to praise Him. Why would an intelligent God command an object that cannot respond to worship Him? In fact creation has the ability to hear, listen, obey, respond and worship. Every living thing actually can and does respond. In quantum physics, it is now a known fact that if you study an object it will respond in a certain way because you were observing it, thus it knows it is being observed.

Recently, an experiment was conducted to see what kinds of sounds were coming from cancer cells in cancer patients. What the scientists found was startling. The sounds were morbid, dark and out of tune playing almost evil melodies of confusing and terrible sounds. Cancer is a destructive force that is releasing bad sound waves and not worship to God.You can command the cancer to die in Jesus’ name. If you speak to the cancer while in the presence of God and in faith, believing and understanding that the cancer can hear you and respond, it will die.

So if created objects can respond because they themselves have sound emanating from them, then God is showing us more of how He operated through Jesus and the prophets. When Jesus commanded the fig tree to wither, it was actually able to respond because it was created with the capacity to hear and obey. Objects that can worship like the rocks, mountains and trees then are able to communicate to God.They not only hear and Weight lossunderstand but also reply and worship God.

Human bodies also respond to the spoken Word of God.We are seeing many people receive instant weight loss in our meetings. One man in Tennessee lost 70 pounds in one service after a word of knowledge. In the first night of meetings in Las Vegas, about 20 people lost 5 dress sizes. God can take the fat cells off people just as easily as they can put them on.

As you start to meditate on how big God really is, you begin to believe and then you start to see the same miracles in your own life.We have also seen many miracles of financial provision in our meetings. Some will give in the offering and then immediately find money in their pockets and purses. Others later discover thousands of dollars in their bank account that were not there before.

In the Scriptures, God did the same types of miracles such as supernaturally providing resources for the widow, multiplying the loaves and fish, and turning water into wine. Jesus prospered Peter with so many fish He could not hold them all, when the night before He could catch nothing. And the list goes on.

Hair ColorWe are seeing more and more bald people receive instant hair growth in our meetings. In Prescott, Arizona one lady received hair growth as we watched!! We actually witnessed her bald spots filling in before our eyes. Another man in Augusta, Georgia had hair appear instantly on top of his head where he was totally bald and the color of his hair turned back to its original dark color from white.We have also seen white haired people receive their hair color back. It is an amazing thing to watch. God cares about every hair on our head, how much more the more pressing needs and problems in our life?

I truly believe that these examples from the Bible and recent history are only foreshadows and glimpses of what the last day church will look like and do. Many unbelievers are now being seduced by the New Age as they search for the supernatural. Will we rise to the occasion as Moses did with his rod and challenge the current power? Or will we run away from opportunities to demonstrate God’s Glory? Who will lead the next generation to the one true God of all power and love?

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Dear Mishpochah,

Sid on TV setFasten your seat belt. Get ready for the ride of your life! God’s extreme Glory is about to invade earth.

Kathryn Kuhlman prophesied of this day. She saw believers going into hospitals and everyone was healed!

My friend, David Herzog, a Jewish believer in Yeshua, asked me to speak at a tent meeting in February in Miracle Valley, Arizona, the former location of A.A. Allen’s ministry.

I saw miracles take place before my very eyes that I had only previously heard about. Many people received gold teeth or fillings. I saw one man who instantly lost so much weight he had to hold up his pants. He took his pants in, but the next day he instantly lost weight again and again had to hold up his pants! One woman who had long gray hair supernaturally had a portion turn brown. Each day at the conference her hair turned more brown!

glory meetingWhile worshipping God, I felt water being poured on my head. I turned around to see who poured the water, but no one was there. Then I touched my head and it was dry. At the same time, the air was filled with the scent of the most beautiful perfume. The two people next to me also experienced the water and perfume at the same time. End-time anointings are being poured out.

The greater Glory will be poured out when Jew and Gentile come together to form the One New Man. The Body of Messiah is incomplete without the Jew and incomplete without the Gentile. This is God’s moment for the same Glory that was on Yeshua to be on us!

This is why God is expanding our television show in the secular arena. As I write, a very creative advertising agency is preparing a newspaper advertisement for Israel and New York City. This is God’s moment to have mercy on the Jewish people. Please partner with me in the greatest revival in history.

Reserve the dates August 23-25, 2007 to attend our One New Man Celebration Conference. I believe it will birth something historic in the Spirit. I have invited my most anointed friends to teach and demonstrate the power of God. God has put together the major ingredients of the One New Man. We need a new paradigm for the church to contain this new One New Man extreme Glory. Those who attend will be under the fountain of this new outpouring and supernaturally equipped.

We have reserved the old PTL Grand Hotel that has been renovated by my friend, Rick Joyner, in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Speakers will include : Paul Wilbur (many consider him the most anointed Messianic Jewish psalmist of our generation), David Herzog (see lead article), Rabbi Curt Landry (travels with T.L. Osborne and moves in the same miracles), Diane Nutt (equips people to walk in the Glory 24/7), Kathie Walters (many people she has prayed for have visited heaven), A. Ryab (a Russian Jewish concert pianist who releases the Glory through music) and many more. Click here for more details.

And speaking of our web site, you may have noticed our brand new look and features! We are positioned to mentor you to fulfill your destiny and reach large numbers of Jewish people. Many secular television doors are opening all at once. We need you to sow into this God-given moment for the greatest Jewish revival in history. I believe those who partner with us will also partake of the anointing on this ministry.

Shalom and Love,

Sid Israel Roth

Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright ©1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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