March 2024 Newsletter

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Messianic Vision - March 2024 Newsletter

By Jeremiah Johnson

I woke up in my hotel room and continued to feel the swirl of Heaven. As I lay there in tears, God said to me, “You must tell the end-time bride what you have seen and heard. You must reveal the five-fold warfare that is coming and teach them how to destroy the works of satan in the last days.”

I had a prophetic dream in which I saw a beautiful woman dressed in wedding garments. She had a golden crown upon her head and a sword in her hand. She wore commando boots and was ready for war. Radiant and tender in appearance, she was also fierce—full of courage and righteousness. This woman was a warrior and a worshipper who represented the end-time Church in her full-orbed radiance and splendor.

March 2024 Newsletter

Download our newsletter in pdf format

A trumpet blast sounded in the dream and the warrior bride quickly turned and looked toward the east. I heard the sound of galloping horses and the rumblings of world war. Suddenly, a voice from Heaven spoke, and the warrior bride listened intently. “You must come into My counsel and receive My words, My strategies, and My battle plans, before you enter into the war.” The end-time bride bowed in agreement and said, “Yes, my Lord.”

I looked on in the dream as the end-time warrior bride interacted with God and received instructions from Him concerning spiritual warfare in the last days. Unusual joy and laughter filled her, and I found myself lighthearted and peaceful. I did not sense any fear or anxiety whatsoever, but there was a spirit of sobriety and alertness. A scroll was placed in front of her, and I saw on the top of it the title, “Five-Fold Warfare.” The contents were:

1. Family Warfare
2. Stop Tolerating Jezebel
3. Exposing the Religious Spirit
4. The Orphan Spirit
5. Witchcraft Attack

When the end-time warrior bride finished reading the scroll, she stood up from the table with wisdom and understanding, knowing the strategy of her enemy and how to overcome them. As she turned toward the battle, an army appeared behind her dressed in wedding attire. There were too many warriors to count, waving flags and banners of fire with the crest of the Lion of the tribe of Judah on them. Many came to dance, worship, pray, and sing. There was a unity and confidence among the troops of the end-time army that was glorious and wonderful.

God is searching for a bride who wears boots

He is looking for a pure and spotless Church that will not shrink back from preaching the gospel, healing the sick, and casting out devils. The men and women of His Church will be armed with the knowledge of God and understand the authority Jesus has given them over evil as they confront and crush the demonic altars in their cities and regions around the world.

Boots and flowers.

Colossians 2:15 (NASB) says, “When He had disarmed the rulers and authorities, He made a public display of them, having triumphed over them through Him.” Jesus has already defeated the devil and given His authority to the warrior bride. All for His glory! Get Your inheritance, Lord. It’s time to storm the gates of hell and gain victory over the devil and dominion over evil.

Family Warfare

Some of you have been paralyzed by the swirl of family warfare in your life. You’re convinced it’s your fault and you wear everyone’s responsibility instead of simply shouldering your own. It’s time to unload false guilt. Shed the snakeskin. You have been humbled in order to be redirected. You have been rejected right into the will of God. I decree over you today that God is bringing about a good result from this family warfare and it will keep many people alive.

Jezebel Spirit

Paul told us that our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers (see Ephesians 6:12-13). Jezebel is a demonic principality that tries to infiltrate homes and churches, destroying them from the inside out. This corrupting spirit leads people away from piety and into perversity, moving them degree by degree into compromise and disobedience.

If we do not acknowledge the Jezebel spirit exists, we empower it, and our disbelief is a sign that we are either operating in this spirit or have become its prey. But the warrior bride will no longer tolerate its influence and will refuse to partner with it.

Religious Spirit

The religious spirit has a form of godliness but denies its power (2 Timothy 3:5). It seeks to tame and domesticate and constrain and cripple Christians who pursue the deeper things of God. The religious spirit traps Christians in religious routine and invites them into performance and hypocrisy. It acts as a gatekeeper for many other demons. Once it gets in the door, it invites all its friends. This is why so many Western churches have become demon daycares.

The warrior bride is radically devoted to Jesus. The religious spirit hates her because her affections are buried in the heart of God. She has no handle satan can grab onto and he has no hook she will swallow. Over the years, the Holy Spirit has revealed to me five primary policies that make the religious spirit angry: worship extravagantly, give sacrificially, host revival, empower female ministers and champion young leaders.

Many Christians practice witchcraft every day and have no idea that they’ve partnered with the devil. This “acceptable” form of witchcraft and the demonic agenda fanning its flame is far more subtle and powerful than occult practices. When we deny its existence, politely give evil a pass, or wrongly label this form of spiritual warfare, its authority grows. We have no idea how to defend ourselves, nor even the recognition that we’re partnered with it.

9970 Combo ImageThe Warrior Bride & What is God Saying for 2024 and Beyond? by Jeremiah Johnson

The devil is the author of confusion, chaos, and insanity. Whenever you feel manipulated, intimidated, or dominated, pull back the curtain of witchcraft and let the supremacy of Messiah Jesus into the room. Remember, Jesus built His Church at the gates of hell and gave us the keys. We are His warrior bride, an army that God has trained in hiddenness, purifying our motives and increasing our authority for such a time as this.

God’s Strategy Equals Your Victory!

Jeremiah Johnson’s book, The Warrior Bride, contains five in-depth strategies God showed him the enemy is using to destroy believers. But have no fear! God told Jeremiah the exact weapons to counteract the enemy and WIN! So, lace up your combat boots as Jeremiah lays out every instruction that guarantees your victory! This is God’s anointed plan to supernaturally strengthen His Bride for the end-time battle of our lives! In his exclusive CD, What Is God Saying for 2024 and Beyond?, Jeremiah says much is happening spiritually to the Church, but there is hope! 

• The religious spirit will be cast out of God’s Church! 
• God will highlight the voice of females! 
• The house church will be an on-fire Church!

*Jack Frost, Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers, 2006).

Jeremiah Johnson is a bestselling author and a globally recognized prophet who oversees The Altar Global Movement, The Altar School of Ministry, and The Ark Fellowship Church.

God's time to have mercy on Israel

By Sid Roth

In early February, I was given the amazing privilege of presenting the Gospel to what may have been the largest Israeli Jewish audience in history! 

Why do I say this? The Super Bowl is historically one of the most viewed television shows in the world and our network—Middle East Television (METV)—aired the Super Bowl in Israel. I replaced the Super Bowl halftime show on METV with a full presentation of the Gospel! Only God could have orchestrated this opportunity! 

Why is this so important? Because I believe this will be THE biggest year for Jewish evangelism in history! The time of Jacob’s trouble is very, very near! Zechariah 13:8 tells us a time is coming when two-thirds of the Jewish people will perish. 

This is God’s set time to have mercy on Israel. Unfortunately, most Christians do not witness to their Jewish friends!

Why? Because since the early days of the church, most Jews have shown little interest in the Gospel. It’s as if we have been asleep to Messiah! Now that we are searching for answers in all the wrong places like the New Age, witchcraft, etc., Gentiles Christians—the ones called by God to evangelize the Jew—are the ones sleeping! 

In Romans 11:11 (KJV), the Apostle Paul makes this calling very clear:

…Have they [the Jewish people] stumbled that they should fall? God forbid: but rather through their fall salvation is come unto the Gentiles…to provoke them [the Jewish people] to jealousy.My to wake up the sleeping church to its finest hour to save Jewish people spiritually. It’s no accident that Jewish believers are front and center in evangelism. Last year’s revival at Asbury University broke out after a Jewish believer preached a message at the chapel service. At the start of this year, I received an invitation to speak as an evangelist at a large gathering of unsaved Jews in Moscow. I also will speak at Jewish outreaches this year in Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, California. And I am in the planning stages to hold Jewish evangelistic meetings in Berlin, Germany and Israel! 

The Jewish festival of Purim begins the evening of March 23rd. This is when Jewish people worldwide read the Book of Esther and celebrate the Jews being spared from Haman’s evil plot to destroy them. Many Christians also celebrate this holiday the same way. My call, in addition to doing direct Jewish evangelism, is to wake up the sleeping church to its finest hour to save Jewish people spiritually.

Paul continues in Romans 11:12-13 (MEV):

Now if their [the Jewish people’s] transgression…means riches for the Gentiles, how much more will their fullness mean? For I am speaking to you Gentiles…. I magnify my ministry….

God has magnified our ministry, not only for the salvation of Israel, but to get all Gentile Christians mobilized. This is THE “set time” to favor Zion (Psalm 102:13).

I urge you to do two things: First, financially support our historically fruitful, pioneering Jewish ministry. And second, give a copy of my testimony book, There Must Be Something More!, to your unsaved Jewish friend. The same Glory that came upon me 50 years ago that removed the spiritual scales from my eyes will fall on your Jewish friend. I will make this book my love gift to everyone who requests it on the enclosed reply card. And I pray Psalm 122:6 manifests on you and your house:

“Because I pray for the peace of Jerusalem [and witness to the Jewish people God has cross my path], and because I love the Jewish people, I have heart peace, completeness, in every area of my life” (Psalm 122:6, personalized).