March 2023 Newsletter

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Messianic Vision - March 2023 Newsletter

By John Bevere

In the summer of 1994, I was asked to minister for a church conference. It was a large congregation that two years earlier had experienced a powerful awakening led by a world-famous evangelist. But sadly, the church remained fixated on the experience of the revival and didn’t continue to further know the heart of God. They became stuck and out of balance.

I was on a journey to discover holy fear but was still growing in my knowledge of it and was therefore hesitant to share on it publicly. But I strongly sensed the need to lay aside this apprehension and minister on the fear of the Lord in the first evening session.

The next evening the head pastor brought correction to what I spoke about the previous evening. He said, “The fear of the Lord only applies to Old Testament times, but as Christians, we’ve not been given ‘a spirit of fear.’ We are told in the New Testament, ‘There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear.’ So, what John taught last evening is error and I want to protect you from it.”

Then, he introduced me to the platform to minister. I thought to myself, How can I minister to these people after what he just did? This can’t be happening. After a short message, I turned the service over to him, returned quickly to the hotel, and went to bed feeling like an outcast.

The next morning, I prayed earnestly, anticipating God’s correction. I asked, “Lord, have I hurt Your church? Have I taught something untrue? Am I putting Your people in bondage?”

As I prayed, what I uttered began to change. I stopped doubting my message from the previous evening and found myself passionately asking for more understanding of holy fear. I didn’t sense God’s dissatisfaction, but rather His pleasure in what I had done. Fearing God is very different than being afraid of God. It’s the key to everything! He began to bring to my remembrance numerous Scriptures in the New Testament regarding the fear of the Lord. In time I found myself no longer befuddled but now crying out in a loud, passionate voice, “Father, I want to know the fear of the Lord, I want to walk in it!”

God Manifests Himself in Brazil

You will never find God’s wonderful presence in an atmosphere where He is not revered and held in awe. In January 1997, I was asked to speak at a national conference in the capital city of Brazil. I soon noticed a lack of God’s presence, even though this was a believers’ conference with thousands in attendance. I asked the Holy Spirit, “Where is Your presence?”

I opened my eyes and within moments I noticed most of the people were not engaged in worship. Many milled around the arena or went out to purchase snacks at the concession stands. Numerous attendees were laughing and talking to one another. One of the leaders of the movement got up to read from Scripture and nothing changed. The Spirit told me, “I want you to directly confront this.”

Once introduced, I decided not to say anything but only stare at the people. A full minute of silence arrested everyone’s attention. I sternly asked this question: “How would you like it if, while you speak to someone sitting across the table, they ignore you, stare at the ceiling as if disinterested, or carry on a conversation with the person next to them?” After a moment of silence, I answered my own question, “You wouldn’t like it, would you?”

I probed further: “What if every time you knock on your neighbor’s door you are greeted with a disinterested look along with a monotone voice saying, ‘Oh, it’s only you.’ Would you continue to go to their house?” Again, after a pause, I answered, “No way!” I then stated, “Do you think the King of the universe is going to manifest His presence or speak in a place where He is not honored and revered?” This time I answered the question firmly: “Never!”

Once the irreverence was addressed, I then spoke for 90 minutes on the awe of God, the audience listening intently. Once finished, I gave an altar call for those who lack holy fear. Immediately, 75 percent of the people stood to their feet and within moments, the manifest presence of God filled the arena. People started sobbing and crying as His presence touched their lives, leading into a time of sincere and heartfelt repentance.

When God is reverenced, His presence manifests.

After that first wave of God’s presence, another wave came. Once more I could hear sobs and weeping among the people, but more intense this time around. Shortly after, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “I’m going to manifest one more time.”

Now, imagine standing a few hundred yards away from a jumbo jet plane taking off. This is the best way I can describe the sound of the wind that blew through the arena—we couldn’t feel it, but we heard it. Almost simultaneously those in attendance erupted in fervent prayers and cries. Their voices thundered, yet the sound of the wind overpowered the level of their voices.

The roar of the wind lasted somewhere around 90 seconds. Intuitively, I sensed that if I made one wrong move, it could cost me my life—aware that, this isn’t the presence of Abba Father (Daddy), it is our holy awesome mighty King! We were all left trembling in its wake, with others weeping or passed out.

People later confirmed the wind noise was supernatural. One woman said, “I saw waves of fire falling in the building and I could sense angels everywhere.” For the rest of the conference, the atmosphere was completely different, with many significantly receiving from God.

A Lasting Impact

Over the years, several have confirmed what transpired that evening and the impact on their lives. In 2016, I traveled to speak to 12,000 leaders in Goiania, Brazil. The welcoming pastor’s first words to me as he shook my hand were, “I was in the meeting in Brasilia 20 years ago when the wind blew. My life has never been the same since.” This man is a leader in a church network that grew to over 300,000 people in just 16 years.

Discover how a healthy fear of God will transform your life!

As I’ve often reflected on what transpired in Brazil that memorable evening, the words of the psalmist come to my mind: God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be held in reverence by all those around Him (Psalm 89:7, NKJV). What we encountered that night was a direct result of holy awe. When God is reverenced, His presence manifests, which is critical to our spiritual health.

This is why I’ve written, The Awe of God. Do you long for an intimate relationship with your Creator, but He seems elusive? Perhaps it is because something utterly essential is missing—the fear of the Lord. If you’re hungry to experience more of God’s manifest presence, you’ll discover that holy fear is the key to His heart that not only draws Him closer, but also releases its many other rewards.

Remember: where the Lord is reverenced, His presence manifests. And where His presence manifests, all of God’s promises are yes and amen!

Does a “holy fear” mark your relationship with God? It ought to!

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By Sid Roth

This Purim will be historic!

It begins at sundown March 6th and ends the next evening. Purim is the celebration of the events found in the Book of Esther when the Jewish people in Persia (modern-day Iran) were spared from the plot of wicked Haman to have them killed.

Why will this year be different than any other Purim? Because I will have a Purim evangelistic meeting with unsaved Muslims and Jews together!

An organization that provides humanitarian aid to both Muslims and Jews read about my “Lecture on the Supernatural” outreaches and courageously set up an evangelistic meeting with unsaved Jews and Muslims. Previously, they have only done humanitarian outreach and never shared the Gospel

Several years ago, a similar door opened in Israel, but it was only for Jews. An Israeli Messianic Jewish congregation had been doing exclusively humanitarian activities for years with large numbers of traditional Jews. But they finally accepted my challenge to arrange a Jewish evangelistic meeting with me speaking—and the rest is history. Over 9,500 unsaved Jewish Israelis have made professions of faith since I started doing these historic meetings in Israel. I call them “historic” because outreaches of this magnitude have not happened in Israel since the Book of Acts!

But this meeting coming up on March 5th will be even more historic!

At the original Purim in the 5th Century BC, God orchestrated a day of true peace between Iranians (Persians) and Jews, as recorded in the Book of Esther. And this peace solution was so important that all the Jews—and those non-Jews who would join them—were to observe this day forever!

I will introduce the Purim outreach this way:

“There was an historic day in which Iran became one with Israel. It was a foreshadow of a better peace agreement than any President of the United States has even thought about!”

Most Christians have missed the prophetic significance of the Book of Esther. Esther is THE End-Time Book for the Church! In fact, Esther is a magnificent type of the modern-day Gentile Church. Why do I say that?

First, no one knew about Esther’s connection to the Jewish people. Over the centuries, the Church has hidden its Jewish roots.

Second, Esther was beautiful. And whether you know it or not, in God’s sight you are beautiful. Though your sins be as scarlet, Church, they shall be as white as snow.

Esther was an orphan, a “no people” who was grafted into royalty. Church, do you know a “no people” that was grafted into royalty as a son or daughter of the King of Kings?

Esther had a calling, an assignment from Almighty God, just like the Church does. When the Jews were about to be murdered, Esther was the only one who could go to the king to spare the Jews and equip them with the sword to defend themselves. The sword represents the Word of God!

When Esther went to the king to save the Jews, she opened a supernatural door of evangelism for the Gentiles. Not only were the Jews spared, but many non-Jews also became followers of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In a similar way, today the Church can reach more Gentiles with the Good News by going to the Jew first!

One more thing was the difference maker. Esther prepared for her meeting with the king by soaking in oil, a type of the Holy Spirit, for six months. As Esther soaked in the Spirit of God, the Glory of God came upon her for favor and spared her life! That Glory was why all the Jews were spared and many Iranians (Persians) became Jews!

The events of the Book of Esther were a foretaste of what will be the greatest peace agreement in history when Jews and non-Jews come together in Messiah Jesus. Get ready this year for an unprecedented outpouring of God’s Glory leading to the largest evangelistic harvest ever! This Golden, Global Glory Outpouring was prophesied in Habakkuk 2:14 (AMP): But [the time is coming when] the EARTH shall be FILLED with the KNOWLEDGE of the GLORY of the LORD.…

Esther (Church), …who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this? (Esther 4:14, NKJV).

I will include a DVD of my recent teaching on Esther for everyone who orders John Bevere’s brand-new book, The Awe of God (see page 3). By the way, I believe this book will be John’s best seller ever!

And Esther (Church), your prayers and financial partnership will be rewarded at “Academy Rewards Night” in Heaven!