March 2021 Newsletter

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Messianic Vision - March 2021 Newsletter

By Todd Smith

Hosting God’s Presence is costly, but the benefits are beyond priceless!

This is an unprecedented time in history and a pivotal moment for you and your family. God’s Golden Global Glory is beginning to be poured out. Now more than ever we need to learn how to attract and host the presence of God. I have asked Todd Smith, pastor of the North Georgia Revival, to show you how. —Sid

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Often people treat Jesus as a weekend guest. They love Him, but only give Him access to particular rooms of their heart and life. Some of the areas in their lives are under their control—no-go zones where they hide all the clutter they accumulated over the years.

Are they saved? Yes. Will they go to Heaven when they die? Certainly. They are living in the grace of God. But are they carrying and operating in His glory? No. Here’s why. God demands that our lives be consecrated to Him. He wants and must have access to and dominion over every facet of our lives. He cannot place His glory on someone who is not totally and completely surrendered. This is why many believers do not carry the glory of God and do not live operating in His manifest power.

Over the years, I have learned it is easy to receive, walk in, and carry the grace of God. It is a gift, freely given to those who ask for it. However, it is entirely different to receive, walk in, and carry the glory of God.

Miracles in the Glory

This is the same for churches. Most churches have the culture for a visit from the Lord rather than an allinvasive habitation. The following true story is the difference you can expect when you go from a controlled visitation to uncontrolled habitation.

Blair was ten years old and completely deaf in her left ear. Not even a hearing aid or surgery could reverse her condition.

Blair heard what Jesus was doing in the baptismal waters of the North Georgia Revival. She wanted to come and get baptized, believing that God would heal her. A few Sundays before she came, she was at home watching the revival on her computer. A particular woman caught her attention when she testified that she came to the revival, was baptized, and the Lord healed her of stage-four cancer. After hearing this testimony, Blair knew she needed to get baptized at the revival.

Blair had no doubt God would heal her deaf ear 100 percent during baptism at the North Georgia Revival.

It was week eighty of the revival. While in the water, Blair made a bold statement that changed the whole atmosphere of the room, “If God can heal a lady with stage-four lung cancer, then God can heal me.” She had no doubt God would heal her deaf ear 100 percent. Pastor Marty Darracott saw her faith and began praying for her left ear to open. He placed his finger over her good ear so she could not hear the words he was speaking. Within seconds, her left ear was completely healed and to this day she has 100 percent hearing in the once-deaf ear!

We had virtually no miracles in our church prior to the habitation of the glory of God in our building. Now it is unusual when healings don’t take place!

How to Experience the Glory

Even though many Christians desire to experience the glory of God, I must add it does not come easily. In fact, the steps to His glory are a process, and at times the journey can be very difficult and even painful.

In order to experience God’s glory, we must pray, and prayer requires discipline. Then, an altar needs to be erected. These two are the easy elements. Here is where it gets difficult—a sacrifice is needed. Not only needed, but it must be placed upon the altar. We must climb upon the altar and allow the fire of God to burn us until death.

This level of encounter doesn’t happen by casually walking up to the front of the church and having someone lay hands on you to impart the fire of God into and upon you. That may be a good start, but it’s not enough. You must place yourself on the altar and cry out, “God burn everything out of me that doesn’t please You. Consume me!”

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Ultimately, death draws the attention of God like nothing else. Not our talent, our charming promises to do better next time—only absolute death.

We have to come to the end of ourselves, the utter end where there is nothing left. Crawl onto the altar and cry out to God, “Consume me!” This is the very reason we experience so little glory, because the price to have it is enormous.

I have learned that the more broken you are, the more glory you can carry. I know that sounds unreasonable, but it’s a Kingdom principle. The more shattered you are, the more usable you become.

God’s Glory Requires Holiness

As the glory of God increases, the call for us to walk circumspectly also increases. He demands more from us—personal holiness, for example. This is where many begin to find fault with a move of God, pull away from it, or criticize those leading it. Why? Many people don’t want to deal with those tucked-away issues; therefore, it is easier to blame others than admit to having things they are not ready to surrender to the Lord.

I remember when the glory of God hit our church. The congregation was amazed and delighted that the Kingdom of God was manifesting there. As the weeks went on into months, the Lord’s conviction increased and so did His demand for righteousness.

The level of glory a church experiences is not solely determined by a sovereign act of God but by the people within the local church. No one would disagree that God desires greater glory to manifest in all of our lives and churches; but we, His people, decide the amount of glory we want to oversee—it is our choice.

God’s glory is not cheap and He doesn’t disburse it loosely. He waits until the conditions are right. We have the assurance that God will continue to pour out His glory and even increase it if the culture and environment can handle the weight.

Forgive and Seek Forgiveness

The Scriptures reveal that unforgiveness and bitterness are the root causes of all types of ailments and delays in our lives. When we choose to not ask others to forgive us or even when we refuse to forgive others, the enemy has legal access, an open door to our lives. We literally give place to the devil. This is a high price to pay for an unwillingness to forgive or seek forgiveness.

Do a heart check and ask the Holy Spirit if there is anyone you need to forgive and/or ask to forgive you. When you obey His voice, Heaven will open over you and your family.

Recently I cried out for God to increase His glory in my life. He immediately responded, “Increase your brokenness.” He was letting me know that there is no shortcut to the glory of God. The level of glory in my life is directly proportionate to my level of brokenness.

Hosting His presence in my life is costly, but the benefits are beyond priceless!

Todd Smith and his wife Karen are the senior pastors of Christ Fellowship Church in Dawsonville, GA, home of the North Georgia Revival.


By Sid Roth

It is good to say thank you to the Lord, to sing praises to…God….  Every morning I tell Him, “Thank You for Your kindness,” and every evening I rejoice in all His faithfulness.
Psalm 92:1-2 TLB

I am so grateful to God. Fifty years ago as an unsaved Jewish man, I was in spiritual darkness like the people of Nineveh in Jonah’s day—I didn’t know my right hand from my left hand!

But God in His mercy gave me a revelation of Jesus that changed my world and future. I was the first of my family in 2,000 years—descended from the Tribe of Judah—to believe in Jesus! At that time God imprinted deep in my spirit a passion to evangelize the Jew first and the Gentile. He also prepared me to walk in the Golden Global Glory and to equip others to walk in His Glory. And God downloaded to my spirit our two television networks as well as our own TV show, It’s Supernatural!

Others have experienced a similar download from God.

When Kevin Zadai died during surgery and visited heaven, his whole destiny was imparted to him. How else can you explain writing so many best-selling books, sometimes one in a week? He even came back from heaven with the supernatural ability to play a dozen musical instruments!

After a Glory visitation from Jesus, my friend Keith Ellis saw his dying son healed through a major miracle! In that same visitation, Keith also received gifts of prophecy and miracles that few people walk in today.

When Paul the Apostle was blinded by God’s Glory, his entire ministry was imprinted into his spirit. Most of these downloads from God are not revealed to our natural minds until later, according to His perfect timing.

In the wake of recent social and political turmoil, great darkness has hit this planet. Our education system has been infected with sexual perversion, radical socialism and an anti-God spirit. A generation raised in utter spiritual darkness now controls our entertainment, social media, sports, publishing and news organizations.

But God was not caught by surprise. He is ready to release Isaiah 60:1-2 (NLT): Arise…let your light shine for all to see. For the Glory of the Lord rises to shine on you. Darkness as black as night covers all the nations of the earth, but the Glory of the Lord rises and appears over you.

Todd Smith, pastor of the great North Georgia Revival, was shown by God how to walk in this coming Glory. He taught over 80% of his large congregation how to create a habitation in their church as well as their homes for the presence of God. I am amazed at the tangible Glory present at all times in their sanctuary.

Todd’s church is moving as a forerunner for the Golden Global Glory. That’s why we carry his services live every Sunday on our ISN television network at 6 pm ET. That’s why I want to rush to you his amazing resources to equip you to walk in this Greater Glory.

What is coming this year has never been seen before.

We need it to heal the divide in the USA and nations around the world. We have political, racial, economic and social divisions that no man can cure. But what did God promise in Isaiah 60 in this time of great darkness? The Glory of the Lord will appear upon you!

You may be thinking you could never receive a download from God, that it’s just for a few special people.

On the contrary, it’s part of the Golden Global Glory available to all believers! Millions of old and young people will be imprinted for greatness by the Glory of God coming on them.

My calling is to make you normal in the Glory—normal according to the Bible. The day is coming, starting this year, where everyone in a meeting will be instantly healed and all the unsaved will turn to Jesus. Missing limbs and organs will be restored. Every word of prophecy will come to pass. Your energy, strength and health will be at age 100 as it was at 30.

I intend to equip you with mentoring resources and to broadcast miracles as they take place all over the world. Our ISN television network is available free on every smart phone and computer. It is also on satellite with a reach of half a billion people in the Middle East. Our Middle East Television Network (METV) has the same coverage. Plus, every TV-equipped home in Israel gets METV!

There is hope because our hope is not in a man but God. I am so filled with gratefulness that you have joined our ministry with your gifts and prayers. God’s best for all of us is about to be revealed!