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Messianic Vision - March 2016 Newsletter

The Holy Spirit wants to be your friend. Are you His?

By David Diga Hernandez

While having dinner at a restaurant in New York City, I was approached by a woman who had a word for me. She said, “I was in prayer today, and the Holy Spirit told me that I should come to this restaurant at this time.” She spoke a simple prophetic word saying, “The message of the hour is friendship with the Holy Spirit. That’s your message for this season.”

Little did she know that this word confirmed what God had already deposited within my spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a Friend above all friends. Are you His?

He is generous, so giving of Himself. He is humble enough to pursue you, despite many rejections. He is loving enough to remain faithful. He patiently teaches you to pray, enthusiastically guides you in truth, supernaturally empowers you and effectively inspires worship within your spirit. He sheds the love of God abroad in your heart. He directs your path and gently nudges you in the way of your divine calling.

Knowing all of that, consider also His gracious and exceeding generosity, for He comes bestowing spiritual gifts. Wow! We are hopelessly helpless without His loving guidance.

Understanding His distinctly gentle nature is key to your friendship with Him. His voice is still and small. To receive His guidance, you must be attentive to listen for it. And, as you are carefully attentive to the Holy Spirit, He reveals truths to you that could not otherwise be known.

He speaks in a whisper. To hear a whisper, you must be close!

Why would anyone want to settle for any less than what God has to offer? Too often is the Holy Spirit dismissed from our lives. Too often do we lay aside supernatural empowerment and settle instead for superficial encouragement. God wants to give us a mighty flowing river, and, when we reject the Holy Spirit, we’re settling for a bottle of water. Stop sipping and dive in!

My Greatest Fear

Before having a friendship with the Holy Spirit, I was prone to fear. Easily intimidated and very unsure of myself, I feared the criticism and rejection of people.

But I found such confidence in my Friend that I learned to obey the Messiah without fear. I was no longer concerned with how others perceived my spirituality. A holy boldness and unshakable courage caused me to become open and unashamed of the Spirit within me. The friendship became obvious.

Before my friendship with the Holy Spirit, I was also terrified of demonic powers. I now know the Holy Spirit. No demonic power is a match for my Friend and Protector. They would not even so much as dare to come near me.

January 2016 Newsletter

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Because of the Spirit’s presence, the demonic beings not only fled from harassing my mind, but they also now flee from anyone who comes near. Demons fear the Holy Spirit. I know this: It’s not because of me; it’s because of Who is in and around me.

I do not fear men. I do not fear Hell’s minions. I only fear if the Spirit’s presence might be lifted from my life.

You Are the Holy Spirit’s Blank Canvas

In the first year that I came to know Jesus, I sought out spiritual mentors and studied them closely. From both men and women of God, I received information, inspiration and impartation. While learning from God’s anointed servants, I came to notice similarities in their mindsets, character traits and even demeanors. They shared certain attributes that I’ve come to call “Marks of the Spirit.”

I asked the Lord to mark me in the same way and have committed to faithfully seek the face of Jesus. The more I seek Him, the more I notice the work of His Spirit in my life. You too can bear these marks.

For God has commissioned a work of art. Jesus is the model, the Holy Spirit is the painter and your surrendered life is the blank canvas. With every stroke, the Holy Spirit causes the countenance of the Messiah to appear on you in greater and greater detail.

Constant communication, constant awareness of His nearness brings about the experience of His ever-present nature. When you are driving to work, spending time with loved ones, or out on an errand, He is right there with you. Day or night, in sorrow and in joy, He is present. And the friendship grows, flourishes.

Carrying the Glory

After ministering at a church service, I walked to the lobby to greet those who attended. I stood in one spot and began to shake hands. I was internally speaking to the Holy Spirit.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a woman hobbling by me. Taking only a few steps beyond where I stood, she halted to a stern stop. It seemed as though she had forgotten something important. She jolted upright and stood straight. Then she began to walk back and forth. I could tell that she was testing her walk. Miraculously, her limp was gone. Enthusiastic, she approached me and explained, “I’ve had a very painful problem with my knee for several years now. When I walked by you, I felt something come on me, and then all of the pain just jumped off of me!” You see, the Holy Spirit lives within you and He reaches out and touches those around you.

The same happened with Peter. It was the presence of the Holy Spirit on Peter that healed the people, not a shadow. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so heavy upon Peter that he carried an atmosphere of miracles wherever he went. That is oneness with the Holy Spirit. That is what it means to be a carrier of God’s Glory.

You can become so close to the Holy Spirit that your mere presence will result in the miraculous.

The Rain is Coming

In this season, we will see many saved. In this season, we will see many healed. In this season, we will accomplish many good things and bear much fruit. But there’s nothing like when God brings the rain.

When it rains, everything you sow will grow. Let this be both an encouragement and a warning: the rain is coming. Not an action will be wasted. In its proper time, everything you sow will grow.

The Holy Spirit works personally, internally, corporately, eternally, miraculously and globally. He is multigenerational, multi-cultural, multi-denominational and multi-faceted. He is your Comforter, Teacher, Friend, Empowerment and Guide. He is Messiah everywhere, God indwelling and the Divine abiding. He speaks with a soft voice, acts with a mighty hand and plans with a genius mind. He reveals Messiah and unveils the Truth of the Word. Patient and humble, He is faithful to remain a vigilant Helper.

You have so much more to discover, as you live out a friendship with the Holy Spirit!

David Diga Hernandez is an evangelist, healing minister, author and TV host. He heads an evangelistic healing minisry based in Southern California. David travels all around the world ministering God’s power and presence.

Odessa, Ukraine Outreach

Dear Mishpochah

By Sid Roth

God did it again! After my recent meetings in Toronto, Canada in which over 300 unsaved Jews publicly made professions of faith in Jesus, many were healed, baptized in the Holy Spirit and praised God in unknown tongues, I was in awe. Many of these new believers are now attending the congregation that helped me organize the outreach. But before I could process all that God had done, I was on a jet flying to Israel!

January 2016 Newsletter

Watch the Miracle in Galilee to see what
the Lord has done in Israel.

We rented a large hall in the Galilee area and advertised a lecture on the supernatural. It was an amazing sight to watch 1,045 unsaved Jewish people pour into the auditorium! Almost 200 were instantly healed in their seats. This was Book-of-Acts proportions! It was my largest outreach ever! My sister and brother-in-law who live in Israel and were at the meeting reminded me of my first Jewish outreaches. If we had 20 unsaved Jewish people attend these early meetings and a few got saved, we would be excited. What is happening now is beyond my wildest expectations. Almost all the 1,045 Jewish people stood up to publicly proclaim Jesus as Lord!

My taxi driver in Israel was a fourth generation Israeli. He attended the meeting at my invitation. Instantly, I had a vision of him arm wrestling with me. I said, “Do not arm wrestle with God. Be like Abraham. Believe God at this meeting.” He agreed. After the meeting he told me that many years ago he had injured his back. When I gave a word of knowledge about backs during the meeting, he was instantly healed and also stood to receive Jesus!

The next day, while I was a guest on a live TV show broadcasting to the entire former Soviet Union, 277 called in to say they had prayed with me to accept Jesus. I believe there were thousands more who accepted Jesus but did not call.

There Must Be Something More Pamphlet

The next evening we had a meeting for new believers. About 100 came—50 of them were new and publicly made first-time decisions for Jesus. About 75% spoke in tongues for first time. The night before this meeting I had a vision of a man with cuts on his foot and bandages. I spoke out the vision in the meeting and a man came forward. Doctors said he needed surgery. I prayed and he removed the bandages. He was totally healed! Faith was elevated in the room and many others were healed.

Let me tell you about one new believer. On his own, he had come to the conclusion that Jesus was the Messiah but he didn’t know how to be saved. That night he was saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, spoke in tongues and had a major healing!

I know many who came to faith in these meetings will be used by God as leaders in the next great Israeli revival! Thank you for partnering with me in this end-time move of God!

Just after I returned from Israel, I got an email from one of our partners in Ukraine. He wrote, “Tomorrow 2,000 copies of Sid’s book, There Must Be Something More!, will be mailed out. Then next week 7,000 more. The week following, 30,000 of Sid’s short version testimony book will ship into the war zone followed by 50,000 to Odessa for street evangelism in the Jewish sector.” Half of the people in Odessa have Jewish ancestry. God is in a hurry for all Israel to be saved!