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Messianic Vision - March 2016 Newsletter

Speaking the Word of God activates the creative power of God.

By Dr. Clarice Fluitt

I am persuaded there is a divine frequency coming from eternity that is released when a believer faithfully proclaims the Word of God. The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of words that must be voice activated by speaking His Word. God did not hum us into existence; He spoke. The Word of God activates the will of God

Mama’s Little Preacher Girl

When Mama told my husband, George, and me that she knew it was God’s will for us to become preachers, we both laughed. I said, “Mama, you sat too long in the sun.” She smiled and said, “You’re right. I have been sitting in the presence of the Lord and yo u two are called to preach.” George and I were the most unlikely candidates. His desire was to be a millionaire, and mine was to spend his money!

Mama would call me her “little preacher girl” and I would react in a way that was not very Christian. I was mad as a wet hen as she continued to activate the Word of God flowing from her mouth! Yet, in the midst of my unbelief, I began to recall my childhood Sunday School teacher who had peaked my interest in hearing the voice of God. Then I visited a friend and found myself telling her I wanted to know more about God. She said, “Just tell Him you want to know Him.” All it took was for me to say, “If there really is a God, reveal Yourself to me. I want to trust You with my life.” And He did!

Soon after, I sovereignly received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and Mama had her preacher girl. The amazing truth that God’s Word accomplishes what it is sent to accomplish had become an undeniable fact in my life.

Releasing the Power of God’s Word Over My Daughter

It is our biblical responsibility and privilege as believers to both agree with God’s Word and activate His will by decreeing and releasing His Word to every life situation. This is how I learned to release the power of God’s Word over my own personal family tragedy. I had to choose to speak the positive truth (God’s Word) over my very painful evidence that was, at one time, the reality of my daughter’s life. If I spoke and believed what my natural senses observed, she would have died. I didn’t deny the facts in the natural, but I spoke the  higher truth of God’s Word and activated the realm of the supernatural!

When my daughter was only 13 years old, she came to me crying and confessing that someone had given her a marijuana cigarette. This one rebellious act opened a satanic door to a heartbreaking lifestyle that led to multiple prison sentences from one end of the country to the other. Don’t tell me marijuana is harmless! Year after year, in the face of discouraging reports, I continued to speak God’s Word to activate His creative will for my daughter. I strengthened myself with God’s promise: All of my children are disciples taught of the Lord and great is their peace and undisturbed composure (see Isaiah 54:13 AMPC).

One year, only two days before Mother’s Day, my daughter was due to appear before a commissioner in Daytona Beach, Florida with over 40 other prisoners. They were all handcuffed and shackled and were called by numbers rather than their names. When my daughter entered the room, her number was called and without a thought I involuntarily came to my feet and said, “Sir, prisoner number (I stated her number) is mine. Sunday is Mother’s Day. I cannot see how it would serve the great state of Florida to house and feed this prisoner. Sir, I am her mother and I ask you to release her into my custody. I’m here to take her home.”

The commissioner was obviously dazed at my audacity. He turned to the bailiff and said, “Cut her loose.” Everyone was shocked. This was the miracle I had been waiting for! All my prayers were surely being answered! It was such a joy to have my daughter back at home. We were singing together and weeping over her freedom.

Three days later she stole my clothes, flagged down a truck, and took off to California with my credit card and anything else she could fit into her bag.

I suddenly experienced the overwhelming peace of God. In my heart, I heard this Scripture, And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Messiah Jesus  (Philippians 4:7)

At that point, my daughter’s addiction to drugs had replaced any need for mother, father, brother, sister, and children, and had become her complete source of life. For the first time, I realized this was not about me and my pain; it was about hers. The Lord told me to stop asking Him to do what He had already done. Her life was in His hands and I needed to start thanking Him and praising Him for His finished work.

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“I Have Been Created for Greatness”

After returning to her life of crime, my daughter overdosed on heroin. She was put on life support and had significant brain damage. There was little, if any, chance of recovery. But she recovered! She found herself leaving the hospital only to be immediately returned to jail. The judge’s words to my daughter were, “After reviewing your case, you have to be one of the most despicable, incorrigible blights on society. Do you have anything to say before I sentence you?”

She replied, “Sir, half of what I’ve done, you don’t even know about; but, this I know, I come from a line of champions and I have been created for greatness. My actions do not determine who I actually am.” Miraculously, the judge gave her an eight-year suspended sentence and told her if she committed even the slightest infraction, she would serve her entire sentence. My daughter entered a recovery program, came to her senses and repented. When she graduated from the drug program the same judge that had sentenced her earlier said with tears in his eyes, “This woman’s story is much like the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead. Truly, she is a new woman.”

My precious daughter was restored to our family, her children, her health, and her gifts and talents and lives an abundant life. She is now the Executive Director of a residential treatment facility in California. What the devil meant for evil, God meant for good.

Everything You Need to Succeed Has Been Provided

Before the foundation of the world,  God said everything was finished. Everything you will ever need in order to succeed has already been provided. The Word of God spoken by the believer activates God’s will and brings that which has already been created into that which we can see and apprehend with our senses. Although God finished everything before it began, His ongoing purpose is being unveiled as believers are creating with Him by calling the things that are not to become the things that are. Are you ready to partner with Him?

Dr. Clarice Fluitt is an internationally recognized Christian leader, author, and popular television personality. For more than four decades she has had a distinguished worldwide reputation as a Christian mentor.

heavenRun with the Vision!

I was shocked when I found out the latest Barna Group survey showed a total change in thinking about Jesus among American Jewish millennials (born between 1984 and 1999). I almost fell off my chair (just an expression) when they reported 21% (1 in 5) believe Jesus was “God in human form”!

One-third of Jewish millennials feel “God desires a personal relationship with us.” And 42% said they celebrate Christmas.

This proves what the Holy Spirit has been saying to me for several years now—Jewish people are about to have a major revival!

Why is this so important? Because God used the Jew to evangelize the Gentile at His first coming. How much more so just before His return? I expect God will raise up from these “very open” millennials many future Paul the Apostles. Remember, Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles.

I have been working hard to put together a team of writers and social media specialists to capture this amazing Jewish harvest. My heart is to develop the best Jewish evangelistic website on the planet and use 21st–century social media to attract these millennials and all Jews, not only in America, but all over the world. What about websites in English, Russian, French, Hebrew and Spanish for starters?

If you supply the prayers and finances, we can run with this vision. Remember, every major evangelistic door we have walked through has been proven to be God-birthed.

I call this year the year of Jewish evangelism. God says in Isaiah 49:3 (AMP), You are My servant, Israel, in Whom I will show My glory. The salvation of Israel will be the catalyst for a major release of God’s glory this year. Let’s partner together and capture this amazing Jewish harvest.

Dr. Clarice Fluitt’s resources this month will ignite a new fire for the supernatural to explode in your life! What a way to start 2018!