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School of the Seers
“I would look at a fellow believer and see a background of illuminated light behind him…. I would see large warrior angels standing guard around certain buildings and churches.” — Jonathan Welton


Jonathan Welton
Jonathan Welton

How would you feel if a well-known prophet stood you up in a church service and prophesied that you would begin to see things in the spirit, that you would have a gift for discerning spirits, and that God would even teach you about being a “seer?” As many of you probably would be, I was excited, confused, and soon-to-be quite freaked out. To give some clarification, I have included the exact prophecy I received from Prophet Dennis Cramer:
March 7, 2002 You’re a young man with a tremendous call upon his life, very, very strong call…you have had some rumblings lately of prophetic ministry. And you thought maybe you were losing your mind. You thought, Lord, my mind is going off. What’s wrong with my mind? You’re also a man who is going to begin to discern spirits more than you ever wanted to. So, the Lord told me to tell you, Jonathan, you are not losing your mind; you are simply beginning to discern spirits as never before. There is a good prophetic call upon your life… But also, as I said, especially discerning of spirits.
March 9, 2002: Jonathan, you have a strong seeing edge already developing in your life. You are uncomfortable with this because you don’t know what you are seeing. It’s caused you some distress. You’ve almost begun to feel a little rejected. But the Lord says all He is doing is teaching you about being a seer. Your own unique seeing gift and dimension. The Lord says just keep your mouth shut; don’t get too verbal about what you are seeing because you are still in the beginning stages of understanding this. So, the Lord says a seeing dimension is going to be well developed in your life in the years ahead.

January 2010 Newsletter
Download our newsletter in pdf format!

The Gift is Activated
The day that I received this word, I began to see things in the spirit around me. I had never had this gifting activated before, and so I was very startled with this new experience. I began to see colors in the spirit, words imposed over the physical things in front of me, body parts randomly appearing, fire or water descending on things, places, or people. I would on occasion even see angels or demons. When I first started seeing these things, I was surprised and even confused. I had to grow, learn, and come into understanding about what was happening.
I was really taken aback by this whole new gifting, especially since I didn’t have anyone to mentor me in seeing at the time. There are precious few in the Body of Messiah who are willing to share their experiences. The Lord had to personally teach me about the things He was showing me.

The School of the Seers
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The School of the Seers is the how-to guide for seeing into the spirit realm. The fresh and profound concepts taught in this book take a mystical subject–seers and the spirit realm–and make it relevant for your everyday life!  Click here to order this book.

In My Experience
From my personal experience I can tell you that when God first opens your spiritual eyes as He did mine, it can be very scary, even terrifying. When it first started, I was not expecting to see into the spirit realm. I wasn’t against such experiences —
I was just unaware of them.

I would look at a fellow believer and see a background of illuminated light behind him, or I would see a nonbeliever and a darkness or cloud of depression on him. I would see large demonic presences hovering on or above certain buildings. I would see large warrior angels standing guard around certain buildings and churches. There were times I could see angels dancing among us at church during worship. At other times, I would see the worship get cut off by a speaker who was not following the Holy Spirit’s leading, and I would see very sad expressions on the angels’ faces. It looked as though they were crying because they knew what we were missing out on by worship being cut short. I would see angels carry in strange-looking internal organs that they would put inside of people, and then those same people would later testify to having been healed. I found these experiences overwhelming, and I want to clarify that I didn’t read any books that encouraged or directed me in any of this.

Flipping the Switch
About a month after Dennis Cramer prophesied over me, the frequency of the visions began to diminish, and again I was confused. I thought, did I commit some sin that is hindering my seeing ability? Have I done something wrong? What is happening to my gift?

Jonathan Welton
Jonathan Welton Ministering

The Holy Spirit showed me that in the previous month He had sovereignly demonstrated to me the potential of my seer gifting. Now the Lord would teach me how to activate my gifting. In the spirit I saw a large switch, much like a typical wall-mounted light switch. On the switch were the words “On” and “Off,” and then in my spirit I heard the meaning. In the first month the Holy Spirit had flipped my switch “On” to enable me to see in the spirit realm around me. Now He was flipping my switch to “Off,” and things would be totally normal again. The Holy Spirit told me that He would teach me how to flip the switch myself.

We Move the Switch By Faith
With all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we have a role in activating them. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will move sovereignly and heal someone, but most of the time faith must be activated. When we read the Gospels, we often see Jesus telling people to take an action — to show themselves to a priest, to wash the mud from their eyes, or to pick up their bed and walk. These were each acts of faith that, when activated, released the gift of healing.
If the Holy Spirit tells me to give a prophetic word, then I must take part in cooperating with the Spirit and deliver the word. When you activate faith, then you have stepped over into the things of the Kingdom realm: healing, prophecy, miracles, discerning of spirits, and so on. The Lord was moving me from relying only on sovereign experiences, into activating my faith to believe for the gift of discerning of spirits to function (see John 5:8; Mark 2:9; John 9:11; Luke 17:11-19).

The Lord taught me about activating my faith and “flipping my switch.” In this activation I direct you to prepare your heart for the Lord to teach you about flipping your spiritual switch. As a symbol of activating your faith, I recommend that you anoint yourself with oil. Go to your cupboard or pantry and find some olive or other safe food oil. Take a small dab and place it on yourself — you could put it on your forehead or wherever. As you do this, say this prayer in your own words:
Lord, I receive Your anointing. I desire to grow in my walk with You. I open my heart for more of Your work in and through me. I desire to fulfill the call on my life. I ask for Your anointing to run down upon me now (see Psalm 133).

Dear Mishpochah,
By the time you read this I will have completed my tour to Israel. After the tour, I will hold three Jewish evangelistic meetings, which I believe will be jam-packed with elderly Jewish holocaust survivors. I will give you a full report next month.

Project 77: It's Happening Supernaturally
Happening Supernaturally” is our TV special explaining our campaign to
reach one million Jewish people in North America with the Good News.

The huge success of my recent Jewish evangelistic meetings in the United States has confirmed that this is the time for Jewish revival in America! Now we have launched our most important Jewish evangelistic project that God has ever entrusted to us!

As one person prophesied, many had been called to do this project, but I was the only person who answered.

I have acquired the names and addresses of one million Jewish people in America. It is my intent to mail my God-directed Jewish evangelistic book, They Thought for Themselves, to these one million Jewish households.

More than a decade ago, God came to me in a dream and directed me to write a Jewish testimony book. I instantly obeyed Him and over 850,000 copies of They Thought for Themselves are now in print in eight languages.

We have distributed over 700,000 copies of the Russian version of my book to Russian Jews in the former Soviet Union. Why Russian Jews? We found that they were open to the Gospel and American Jews were closed.

Now it’s America’s turn. God has quickened to me Romans 9:28. He says the saving of the Jews will be a “short work.” I believe we have a small window of unbelievable Jewish evangelistic opportunity.

Many Christians are involved in conducting “Bless Israel” nights where the Jewish community is invited, but no evangelism is allowed. Others are sending humanitarian aid to Israel or helping Jews return to Israel through programs run by Orthodox rabbis who do not allow the Gospel to be preached.

They Thought for Themselves
This is the evangelistic book we are mailing to Jewish people in North America.

Even with the Gospel being excluded, God has blessed these activities. But of how much more importance at this set time to favor Zion is mailing a copy of my God-directed book to one million Jewish people in America?

Would you reach out to seven American Jews right now and help lead them to Messiah? When you send back the enclosed card, please add a special gift of $77, in addition to your normal monthly giving. Your gift will pay for the printing and mailing of my evangelistic book to seven Jewish homes in America, and it also helps us enlist a dedicated group of friends like you who share my vision to reach the Jewish people in these last days. (Canadian gifts will help reach Canadian Jewish people.)

In appreciation, I will send you a personal copy of the book, along with the names of the seven Jewish families you are sponsoring so you can pray for them every day. (The Jewish families will not receive your name.)

Most people who accept Jesus have family members who prayed for their salvation, but seldom does the family of a Jewish person pray for them to accept Yeshua (Jesus). You can become their spiritual family and pray for them daily. Your “adopted” seven Jewish families will then be directed to an interactive website designed to disciple them and answer their questions.

To share this opportunity, we have been airing a half-hour television special on Christian networks and stations entitled, “It’s Happening Supernaturally.” You can watch the TV special here.

If you or your church has already been blessed by God for helping Jewish people get to Israel or by sponsoring “Bless Israel” nights, how much greater blessing will you receive for proclaiming the Gospel!

Sadly, this might be the only witness these Jewish people receive. Please sponsor seven Jewish families with your special gift of $77. What a way to grab God’s attention for the maximum blessings to flow from heaven to you and your house! In Genesis 12:3, God promises to bless those who bless the Jewish people.

I further believe that as you pray for the salvation of your “adopted” Jewish families, God will save your physical family.

You will make a major difference. Perhaps God will use you to reach the next Paul the Apostle!

Shalom and Love,

Sid Israel Roth

Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright ©1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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