My Passover Prayer for You

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Make a Special Passover Offering to Sow Into the Salvation of the Jewish People.

Your special Passover Offering will be poured into Jewish evangelism.

Tonight begins Passover—the celebration of when the Jewish people were set free from slavery in Egypt.

Growing up in an Orthodox Jewish family I have many Passover memories. Most of the 5-hour service was in Hebrew. Do you know how much Hebrew I knew as a child? None! But the food was so good, it always made up for it.

Now as a believer, I know that Jesus is our sacrificial Passover Lamb.

We are living in a “Book of Acts” season. When you partner with our ministry, you are not just reaching the Jewish people, but planting a seed for the salvation of ALL people. As we Jewish people become modern-day evangelists like Paul the Apostle, we are commissioned by God to fulfill our original call and take the Gospel to the Gentiles. Watch how rapidly it will all happen!

Together, we are reaching out through our evangelistic TV program, our Jewish outreach meetings, Middle East TV (covering all of Israel and the entire Middle East), and much more!

Please consider a special Passover offering to sow into the salvation of the Jewish people—and the salvation of ALL people. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Thank you for your partnership!