My Passover Gift to You

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Make a Special Passover Offering to Sow Into the Salvation of the Jewish People.

Your special Passover Offering will be poured into Jewish evangelism.

Tonight begins Passover. This is a celebration of moving from bondage to freedom, just as the Jewish people were set free from slavery in Egypt at the first Passover.

The Glory of God—His manifest presence—will set you free. Free of what? Free of worry. Free of health problems. Free of family problems. Free of financial problems. Free to worship God without the distractions of the things of this world.

As my Passover gift to you, I’ve asked two anointed friends, Dr. Keith Ellis and Diane Nutt, to pray a prayer over you to release God’s Glory. Both have been operating in the Glory for many years.

It’s a tradition among us Jewish people at the feast to give money to the areas of greatest need. And as far as I’m concerned, the greatest need on God’s heart at this moment is for all Israel to be saved. Can you imagine a nation of evangelists like Paul the Apostle going to the four corners of the earth and proclaiming the Good News? That’s what we’re about ready to see!

Pray this prayer with me (the same prayer that Moses prayed): “Lord, show me Your Glory!”

P.S. If you would like to watch the full 90-minute replay of Show Me Your Glory LIVE, you can watch it here.