Miracle in Toronto – March 2016

I just returned from an historic outreach in Toronto, Canada. Messianic Rabbi Jeff Forman said he had never heard  of or seen so many Jewish people making professions of faith in Canada!

We rented a hotel meeting room and advertised a “Lecture on the Supernatural” in the Jewish community of Toronto.

We didn’t know for sure how many would attend. But by 7 p.m. the auditorium was packed with 240, predominantly unsaved Jews! Every seat was filled.

50 Were Instantly Healed

The moment I took the microphone, God gave me words of knowledge about healing. Fifty people raised their hands and publicly stated they were healed in their seats! Remember—these were unsaved Jews! After the audience witnessed these miracles, it was easy to present the Gospel.

Nearly 100 Percent Made Professions of Faith

I shared my own supernatural story of how I came to know Jesus as my Messiah. When I asked those who wanted to know their Messiah to stand, almost all stood and prayed a prayer of salvation!

The Messianic Rabbi said this is an historic day in Toronto. In his experience, something like this has never happened before in this city. Truly this was a “Miracle in Toronto.”

We have scheduled a follow up meeting with these nearly 240 new believers. And I will be leading another major outreach in another country in the next few weeks.

—Sid Israel Roth

You Make it All Possible

These outreaches are possible because of your gifts and prayers. Please consider a special gift to allow us to continue and expand our history-making outreaches—to the Jew first!