Material Submission Guidelines – Radio and/or TV

Please keep the following criteria in mind when submitting materials to Messianic Vision.

Please ONLY send testimony books if you also include teaching books, CDs or DVDs that compliment the testimony/supernatural experiences. The emphasis of our shows is on demonstrations of the supernatural manifestation of God’s power so that it is unmistakably His doing. We are looking for people with experiences of miracles, supernatural healings, fulfilled prophecies, experiences of being in the Lord’s presence, in heaven or hell, angelic visitations, etc. We are also interested in revelation into the relationships of One New Man – Jew and Gentile coming together as the people of God and end time prophecy. Also supernatural evangelism and spiritual growth.

Along those lines we are interested in materials that support the guest’s testimony or ministry that we can make available as mentoring tools to our audience for their personal growth in the Lord. We are interested in reviewing well edited books or CDs that are clear and well produced and preferably without church or conference-related info such as announcements at the beginning which would not relate to those purchasing the product. We will consider DVDs along these same lines that would not be too costly.

Our Messianic Vision radio show airs nationally and basically caters to believers with a sensitivity toward unbelievers who often catch the show and even get saved while listening. Sid is looking for outstanding teachers who will mentor our viewers and listeners by teaching them the ways of God’s Spirit and intimacy with God, backed with supernatural experiences to validate their teachings. This includes Jewish roots, gifts of the Spirit, healing and miracles, and end time prophecy.

Our TV show is called It’s Supernatural! and that’s just what we’re looking for – supernatural experiences in the Lord that make it clear that God cares and His power is at work today on our behalf and that clearly give the glory to Yeshua. The TV show airs internationally and is geared primarily to a non-believing audience with sensitivity toward Believers.

When we receive a submission it is reviewed by our Research Department. This process could easily take up to several months due to the vast amount of submissions that we receive on a daily basis. Due to the large number of submissions we review please be patient. We will notify you if you are a good fit for our program.

Often we have to decline some wonderful testimonies and/or materials, because there is just not enough time to use them all, since Sid interviews fewer than 50 guests per year.

If you would like to suggest someone as a potential guest, please submit your suggestions via email or by mail. For security reasons we cannot accept e-mail attachments. Therefore, if you are sending materials, they should ONLY be sent via mail to this address:

Sid Roth's It’s Supernatural!
Attn: Research Department
PO Box 39222 
Charlotte, NC 28278

If you are interested in being a guest, please send your materials by mail to the address above.

We thank you for your interest in Sid and It’s Supernatural! May God’s richest blessings be upon you as you continue to serve the Lord for His glory.