Kyiv Jewish Messianic Congregation: Ukrainian Outreach

A Message from KJMC Ukrainian Outreach


We thank the Lord for your help and support and pray that you will prosper and rejoice in His presence. We also pray for God’s miracles to fill your lives and the lives of your loved ones.

In this report, we’d like to share with you about the work we do to help IDPs, the poor, the homeless as we provide for their needs. 

Our mobile food station for the homeless, the poor, the lonely elderly operates in the center of Kyiv once a week. Everyone who comes can get a hot lunch, take a meal for someone who couldn’t come, and most importantly – hear God’s Word and receive prayer. 

Thanks to your support over the past year:

– 4,000 people received a hot lunch;

– about 100 people received clothing;

– 30 people were provided with medicines.

In addition, over the last winter:

– 200 IDP families received hygiene products, clothes for children and adults;

– 160 families – foodstuffs;

– 1050 people – hygiene products;

– 180 IDP children – winter shoes;

– 100 people – clothes;

– 95 single mothers and 60 children from the family center received food packages, clothes, shoes, hygiene products, bedding, blankets.

Medical Assistance:

– 37 people received individualized medicines;

– 118 people received free dental care. First of all, these are residents of the territories of Kyiv region liberated from occupation, Borodyanka town, Ivankiv village and people in need from the congregation. 

Help to the Elderly:

– 76 people received hygiene kits;

– 58 people received food packages.

Valentina, 85 years old: “Now I live alone, since the beginning of the war my relatives have left. I receive a minimal pension, so I am very grateful for your care, attention and help”

Vera Petrovna, 80 years old: “I live with my disabled son, our income is small – my pension and my son’s pension, we have no one else. I am grateful to God that we have people who do not forget about people like us and always find time to visit my family”

We continue our work in other areas as well. And we will definitely share more about it in the next reports.

Also, we really want you to partake in our joy about God’s incredible presence at the January retreat and the miracles we witnessed.

– about 1,000 participants from 7 countries and 17 churches joined in-person;

– more than 27,800 participants from 38 countries joined online.

“Through the communion the Lord healed my shoulder and forearm.”

 “All these days I tried to come to the retreat, my leg was very sore, and today after the communion it does not hurt”

“I haven’t heard in one ear for twenty years. Now God has healed me and I can hear!”

Despite difficult circumstances, we are witnessing and experiencing God’s powerful presence and His mighty work in our land and among the Jewish people in many countries. And we are so grateful to you for supporting our work that we could bear much more fruit together for the Kingdom of God.