Galilee, Israel 2017

Recently, I was in Israel by the Sea of Galilee and it is amazing what happened there! I held an outreach for one thousand Jewish Israelis who have never heard the gospel.

A Celebration in Heaven

When these Jewish Israelis came into the meeting, the spirit of joy was upon the meeting like I’ve never seen before! During the meeting, there were many in the room who were physically healed. By the end almost all of the thousand who came stood up and made professions of faith! I believe the angels in Heaven were celebrating with us! It started with joy and ended with a celebration. The Bible students who were working the event had never seen anything like it before.

Watch my Facebook Live Update about my outreaches in Galilee, Israel.

As amazing as that night was, the day before was even greater! The night before our big outreach, we had a smaller one for 115 holocaust survivors from Israel that had never heard the gospel before. There was such a spirit of heaviness and desperation there. These Jews had been from Russia where Hitler’s soldiers came and to kill as many Jews as they could find.

This could very well have been their last chance to hear the good news and almost all of them stood up and made public professions of faith as well as got physically healed!

A New Season

We are in a new season for Jewish evangelism. I can’t do this alone—The harvest is plentiful and I need laborers alongside me! Consider a gift for Jewish evangelism to help us bring in the harvest.

Yours for the salvation of Israel,

—Sid Israel Roth

You Make it All Possible

These outreaches are possible because of your gifts and prayers. Please consider a special gift to allow us to continue and expand our history-making outreaches—to the Jew first!