Hanukkah Greetings From Israel

Dear Mishpochah (Family),

Hanukkah is known for a great miracle of one day's supply of oil lasting eight days when the Jewish people rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem over 2,100 years ago. But we who know the Messiah have received an even greater miracle. Yeshua, the "Light of the World," gives us light not just for eight days, but forever.

I have just returned from Israel where I witnessed the most historic evangelistic event in the Land since the book of Acts. One thousand and seven unsaved Jewish people heard the Gospel at our outreach meeting and almost 100% of those in the auditorium stood to publicly pray a prayer of salvation! I have just hired two full-time pastors to disciple these new believers.

This is just the beginning! The harvest is coming!

Please consider a special Hanukkah offering this holiday season to help us reach one million Jewish people for Messiah Jesus. That's the number I feel God has put in my heart for our ministry.

May God grant you YOUR Hanukkah miracle!

Blessed Hanukkah,

Make a Special Hanukkah Offering to Sow Into the Salvation of the Jewish People