Your Hanukkah Glory

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Did you know Jesus celebrated Hanukkah? In John 10:22, it is called the Feast of Dedication. This feast commemorates when the Temple in Jerusalem was rededicated in 165 B.C. after its desecration. What a great time for us to have a course correction as we rededicate our temples (bodies) to God and experience breakthrough to the next level spiritually!

I also believe this is a time for a course correction for the Jew and Israel. Spiritual scales are coming off! It’s a time for harvest, for an increase of the demonstration of God’s healing power and for a greater outpouring of God’s Glory.

I invite you to watch my Hanukkah greeting and my prayer for you.

And please consider a special Hanukkah offering to help us bring in the Jewish harvest. The only thing we take to Heaven is souls!

This Hanukkah, I pray the Shekinah Glory of God overtake you and change you and fill you. I pray that there will be a course correction for good with your family, with your health, with your finances and most of all with your intimacy with God.

Blessed Hanukkah,

Sid Roth

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