Gout Healed

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Gout Healed

I had been having pains in my left toe since February. The pain grew worse and unbearable to the point that I was limping, so I went to my doctor. He concluded that I had gout, a form of arthritis. Tests confirmed that I had gout. I started using the prescribed medicines but the illness grew worse. The pains spread throughout my foot and then to my knee.

That led to a visit to a second doctor, who was shocked at the at the amount of medication I was taking. I believed God wanted me to stop using these medicines. However, I do have one painkiller that I still use…It's Supernatural!

I decided to watch several past episodes by Gordon Robertson, James Goll, LaDonna Taylor and James Durham. I took two tablets and prayed with the guests in each of these episodes. There was terrible pain in my knee and foot as I prayed along, such that I have never felt before.

A few minutes later the pains went. I stood up and, to my amazement, there was no more pain. It was too sudden to believe. Now I walk as normal. This miracle touched my heart…