God Talk

GodTalk—a time for believers in Messiah to pray in the language of Heaven! Any believer in Messiah is given this miraculous gift which is the doorway for all other gifts of the Holy Spirit!

Paul urged believers to “pray without ceasing.” The only way he could have done that is with the supernatural language of Heaven! When you pray in this language, you pray perfect prayers in perfect faith.

My goal is to get one million Christians to speak in tongues for a half-hour once a day with the desire that you will form the habit of speaking GodTalk without ceasing!

Speak GodTalk!

I invite you to discover how easy it is to pray in tongues as you listen to this Personal Trainer. I want you to learn about speaking in supernatural languages from top authorities on the subject. Their personal testimonies will help you tap into new levels of this gift from heaven and reap God’s intended benefits!