ECFA LogoThe first people to settle modern-day Israel were called Chalutzim (Hebrew for “Pioneers”).

Mishpochah Mentoring Kit They took bold risks to establish the land. When our partners answer the call to greater service to God’s Chosen People by giving $84 or more per month, they become Chalutzim.

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As Chalutzim, you receive:

  • Your Chalutzim Mentoring Kit (pictured aboved).
  • Sid’s Monthly Mentoring DVD with a personal message, special teaching and prayer of impartation.
  • A special Internet link giving you access to behind-the-scenes mentoring videos.
  • Eligibility to purchase They Thought for Themselves at our cost, plus shipping.
  • Included in your Kit is this unique keepsake designed especially for our Chalutzim partners:

Chalutzim Menorah PendantAn exquisite Menorah Pendant hand-crafted in the style of the Temple Menorah and beautifully gold-plated. Each of the seven candles is set with a faceted stone. Worn on its 20-inch gold-plated sterling silver chain, it is a magnificent statement of your love for the Jewish people. The Chalutzim Menorah Pendant is appropriate for both men and women to wear. 

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