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Hidden secrets and forgotten prophecies surrounding the year 2025 

• How the current U.S. government is tied to America’s occult destiny 

Lost prophecies from Qumran forecasting 2025 as the final age of man

• Why historians and intelligence agencies foresee a totalitarian world government by 2025

• How America’s Capital city is laid out to actuate the arrival of the Antichrist 

• About the malevolent, Orwellian trinity currently converging 

• The means by which the population’s thinking and speaking are being homogenized to create a nation of assimilated devotees who will embrace the Antichrist 

• The deep, esoteric meanings that names and titles held in ancient societies, the impact they had upon destiny, and what that could mean for America’s near future 

• Who the mysterious character Melchizedek of Genesis 14 truly was 

• What the “People of the Name” covenant is 


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