Yom Kippur 2020

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Dear Mishpocah (Family),

The evening of September 27 begins Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), the holiest day of the Jewish calendar.

I invite you to watch my 4-minute Yom Kippur video. At the end, I pray a special blessing over you!

This is the set time to favor Zion! When you partner with me through your prayers and finances, you are blessing Israel.

Your gift helps reach the Jewish people through…

  • Our Middle East TV Network (METV) reaching every TV-equipped home in Israel with the Good News. Right now, Israel is under its second COVID-19 lockdown. Through METV they can hear about Jesus while they are stuck at home!
  • Our It’s Supernatural! Network (ISN).
  • Distributing over 3.3 million evangelistic books to Jewish people worldwide—so far.
  • Our outreach meetings where over 13,000 Jewish people have made professions of faith, most of them in Israel.
  • and more!

Please consider a special Yom Kippur offering to help me spread the Good News, to the Jew first.

Pray for Jewish people to have revelations, dreams and visions of Messiah Jesus this Yom Kippur!

Blessed Yom Kippur,

Sid Israel Roth

Make a Special Yom Kippur Offering to Sow Into the Salvation of the Jewish People