This Week’s Television Guest: Todd Smith

March 23, 2021

Keys to Hosting God’s Presence and Power in Your Life

Pastor Todd Smith has firsthand experience in creating a habitation for God. He was on the verge of quitting the ministry when the Holy Spirit began showing him how to create a place in his church and life for the presence of God to live.


In his new book, Creating a Habitation for God’s Glory, Todd shares keys for you to:


• Shift from visitation to habitation where God’s manifest presence rests upon you with power
• Create atmospheres that pass God’s test
• Become a carrier of God’s holy fire


That’s just for starters. Todd assembled some of the world’s top voices of revival in his book, Igniting Revival Fire Every Day. They have seen God move powerfully and want you to know that you can too!


Also, in his exclusive audio teaching, Pathways to God’s Glory, you will hear from members of Todd’s church who have put in practice the principles that he teaches about the Glory.

Life as you know it now changes when God moves in!

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