This Week’s Television Guest: Matt Sorger

March 10, 2021

When the mountain doesn’t move…

There are times when God dramatically breaks through the obstacles in our lives, bringing instant change and deliverance.


But what can you do when the mountain doesn’t move? Ask Matt Sorger.


Matt’s new book, God’s Unstoppable Breakthrough, gives you the Kingdom answers you need to:


• Live in constant, consistent breakthrough

• Go OVER your mountains of opposition


Matt says you are able to prevail, and God will use your challenges for good. His 3-part audio series, Activating God’s Pure Raw Power, goes on to give you 3 key teachings:


God’s Pure Raw Power – Learn to receive God’s love AND reproduce it

Power in the Secret Place – Learn the ways to access it

Glory Breakthrough – Your breakthrough brings access to God’s glory

It’s better to go OVER your mountain of opposition instead of going through it.

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