This Week’s Television Guest: Ivan Tuttle

October 20, 2020

Heaven, Hell and Your Future

Ivan Tuttle was dead for almost 3 hours. The revelation he received was so profound, God told him not to talk about it—for 35 years!


A Journey to Hell, Heaven and Back includes revelation and prophecy God downloaded to Ivan that is essential end-time information. He saw future events in specific nations and regions of the world, some of which have already come to pass.


Ivan’s book and 3-part audio series, Heaven, Hell and the Future, also share about:


• Aborted and stillborn babies in Heaven
• Why he saw pastors in Hell
• Both demonic portals and portals to Heaven
• What Heaven is like (and much more)


God had a reason for Ivan’s 35-year wait. He wants your focus to be on Him now. Current events clearly show that’s where our focus belongs today!

God wants your focus to be on Him now!

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