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Messianic Vision - September 2014 Newsletter

Introduction by Sid Roth

James Maloney has been ministering in the miraculous for almost 40 years. The following recent account of being translated to the former Soviet Union for three hours is the single most profound experience of his life, apart from getting saved. I believe this is just the beginning of an end-time outpouring of the supernatural of God that will bring about the greatest harvest of souls in history. You are created to operate in the power of God. In fact that’s “normal” for a believer — normal as defined by the Bible.

The New Normal is Here

By James Maloney

One evening, I was playing with my grandson at our house in Texas. Just after he went to bed, all of a sudden, I was standing on a dusty road. Somehow in my mind I saw a globe and I saw a city in Uzbekistan named Tashkent. Instantly, I was flying northeast from the city. I landed near a town in the country of Kyrgyzstan. The terrain was dry and hilly, not barren desert, but still rather dusty and semiarid.

I turned to my left and saw Jesus standing next to me. Then I noticed a crowd of about 500. Picture, if you will, every kind of conceivable sickness, infirmity and disease known to man. I had never seen such a sea of human suffering and disease, and I’ve been to some pretty awful places on this earth!

As Jesus and I walked together, we came upon a man, if you could call him that, emaciated and contorted, drawn up legs and mangled arms, lying at the Lord’s feet. He was about three feet in height and maybe sixty pounds. His stomach was bloated and his ribs were protruding. There was no sign of recognition in his eyes. He was a vegetable.

As the man came into focus, I was now seeing through Jesus’ eyes, as if the man was lying at my feet. And now as I reached out my hands, I recognized them as my own, but they were the Lord’s hands, as if He’d stepped into me and was moving through me. Or I had stepped into Him.

The power was totally the Lord’s alone, but He was choosing to move through me. I was no longer just myself, I was in Jesus and He in me.

I laid my/His hands on the wasted, vegetative man. There was no struggle, there was no fight against the demonic. There was no binding, loosing, praying, sobbing, begging, spitting or sputtering. The man was healed, as simple as that.

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Within ten seconds, he was standing before me/Him, the proper weight, the proper height, all infirmity and lameness gone, his eyes were clear, and he praised God in his native tongue. He’d grown nearly three feet in less than a quarter of a minute.

Before I could even comprehend what I was seeing, Jesus turned to another person, a child with a crippling condition; his limbs were withered. Once again, I found myself in Jesus, or Him in me, and as I stretched forth my/His hand toward the child, before I even knew what to say, he was whole, running on perfectly formed legs.

The next person Jesus stooped to pray for was actually two people, conjoined twins. As I beheld them through my/Jesus’ eyes, they separated into two whole people instantly.

A clamor arose as the two people, who were once joined, twirled in joy. Hundreds more started appearing in this area we were standing in. They started bringing the sick before the Lord and laying them at His feet, begging for just a touch of His creative power to flow through them.

People were arranged before us on bedrolls. Some didn’t even show vital signs. One person had no arms, no legs, just a torso. Jesus veered into the crowds and again I was inside Him, or vice versa, however I can describe it. The person just unfolded, like a rose, and leaped onto instantaneously formed limbs.

Jesus ministered to hundreds, and each one was completely healed. Blind eyes fluttered open, ears popped open, startling the people. One person had pupilless eyes, just white orbs in their head. Irises appeared, pupils shrank in the bright sun. Mute tongues began singing the mighty praises of Messiah Jesus, God of creation. Bones materialized, arms, legs, fingers, toes, eyeballs, tongues, entire organ systems. Scars disappeared. Tumors evaporated. Facial deformities were instantly made perfect. If there was one person healed of a particular ailment, there were a dozen.

What was so incredible was that as Jesus would move through me, the people would see me, then see Him, then see me, then see Him shining forth. It was as if Jesus was phasing in and out, for lack of a better term, through me. Rather, He superimposed Himself over me. Over everything. There was no need to even ask people what their sickness was. The Lord stood before them, and His overwhelming GLORY enveloped them, bowing them to the ground. When they stood, they were healed. No miracle took longer than fifteen seconds.

I was outside the Lord now. People were jumping and clambering over each other, just to get a view of God. As I watched, hundreds of people joined in the tumult. Jesus turned to me. “Am I not God?” He asked me over the roar of the crowd. “Am I not CREATOR?! Is there anything too difficult for Me?”

Immediately, I was back home, perspiring as if I’d run a marathon. I couldn’t catch my breath. I didn’t know how I got there but I was exhausted, dirty and sweaty and had dust on my clothes and my shoes as if I’d just traveled through an arid area. During those three hours, my wife saw that I was gone and she witnessed the dust from Kyrgyzstan on my clothing after I returned. I was utterly spent, and I flopped onto the bed, Jesus’ words booming in my ears, my heart racing a mile a minute. “Am I not God? Am I not Creator? Is there anything too difficult for Me?”

I realized He’d placed extreme emphasis on the end of that statement: “for ME.” As in God, not “for you” as in James Maloney. I couldn’t touch this, no matter how anointed I was, no matter how much I wanted it. It was the Messiah in me, manifesting Himself. The hope of glory.

Decades ago, as a new believer, I was mentored in things of the Spirit by a woman named Frances Metcalfe. Frances had a face-to-face meeting with Jesus in which He told her there would come an appointed time where there would be a forerunning group that would enter into encounters with the Father, be caught up to heaven, have rapturous experiences, visions and dreams and be translated to other nations to minister. It has begun!

Dr. James Maloney is President of Voice of the Dove Company Int’l. He and his wife, Joy, live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with their grown children and seven grandsons.

Dear Mishpochah

When I was a child, my father used to insist I be in the synagogue for Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) to hear the 100 shofar blasts that day. I never really understood why. Later on I realized he believed if I heard the shofar, it would give me a good year. The traditional greeting on that holiday is, L’shanah Tova Tikatevu, which means, “May your name be inscribed (in the Book of Life) for a good year.”

The shofar blasts are not only a call for repentance, but a reminder of the return of Messiah. For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet [shofar] of God. And the dead in Messiah will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord (1 Thess. 4:16-17 NKJ).

As we wait for His return, we must live in instant forgiveness and repentance and be vigilant to avoid deception. The great separation between true and counterfeit in these last days will be based upon personal holiness and one’s stance on Israel. Those who are walking compromised lives or are against the biblical revelation of the Jew and Israel will end up in deception!

No one knows when the great shofar will call for us to be caught up. In his end-time prophecy, Daniel speaks of my favorite angel, Michael, the angel of the Jewish people: At that time Michael, the archangel who stands guard over your nation, will arise. Then there will be a time of anguish… But at that time every one of your people whose name is written in the book [of Life] will be rescued…. Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever (Dan. 12:1, 3 NLT).

My purpose is to lead many to righteousness by going to the Jew first, demonstrating the Kingdom of God with signs and wonders, to trigger the greatest Gentile revival in history. This is why my TV show is designed to reach the unsaved and equip Christians to be “normal” — normal as defined by the Bible.

This is why we are on the secular Discovery Network. We reach large numbers of people who would never watch Christian television networks. This email was just placed on my desk: “I was in jail this morning and you came on Discovery Network. It changed my life. I am out! I am going to church and I’m gonna change my life. I just want to say thank you.”

Our TV show is on 14 times a week (7 different shows) in the Ukrainian language on a secular channel throughout the nation of Ukraine. These broadcasts are generating 50 or more calls per day, including many salvation reports. We are also translating a Jewish evangelistic booklet into the Ukrainian language.

The persecution of Jews is increasing in Ukraine. Over 200,000 are desperately trying to emigrate to Israel. A Ukrainian apostle just e-mailed me. “We need to get your Jewish evangelistic book out ASAP. Several of our pastors were taken hostage today and hauled off to a town they call ‘The city of death.’ I believe the persecution of Jews has already begun.” It is my heart’s desire to see every Jew in Ukraine get our evangelistic book before they go to Israel. Right now most of the Jewish people in eastern Ukraine have received our book.

But the greatest open door at this moment is Israel! At one meeting I held in Jerusalem recently, nearly 250 unsaved Jews attended. I am told more Jewish people accepted Jesus and entered discipleship that night than at any single event in the last 2,000 years in Israel! We are now on TV in Israel 28 times a week.

An unprecedented door just opened in secular media in Israel that could win tens of thousands. I cannot publicize the details yet or it could jeopardize the opportunity. I see revival breaking out in Israel and impacting the world! I see us reaching a generation of fiery evangelists like Paul the Apostle, if not some of the 144,000 end-time evangelists. I urge you to pray for this amazing door and that God will supply the finances for this and all our other evangelistic outreaches.

The door has swung open wide in Israel for salvation. I believe that this door will remain open for a short time. I sense the urgency to act now and not wait. We need a financial miracle. Our television show is in places no one in history has entered.

With radical Muslims waging war and threatening to unite all Muslims (and the world) against Israel, time is of the essence. Their desire is to invade Israel and to kill every Jew! The devil’s strategy is to abort revival in Israel.

There is a heightened urgency prophetically both in and for Israel. I am asking you to give a special Rosh Hashanah Offering for the winning of Jewish souls for the Kingdom. I am believing for one million Jewish people to receive their Messiah. But I can’t reach them alone. Will you help me while the door is still open?


September 2014 Newsletter