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Messianic Vision - March 2016 Newsletter

The battle for your mind will intensify in the last days, but you can find victory.

By Dr. Lance Wallnau

Have you ever had your clear communication completely garbled by someone who can’t understand what you are saying? Have you ever tried to reason with a person who was so intoxicated with their own opinion that they couldn’t hear you? Have you ever been flooded with suspicious unkind thoughts toward someone and then, as you question where the thoughts are coming from,they vanish? These are all evidence that a controlling spirit is at work. First I want you to see its operation in a larger context.

Media is a perfect demonstration of how this multi-headed, twisting serpent works. With the exception of the Civil War era, there has never been a time when media has engaged in a 24/7 assault on a president. The very focus on issues of race, confederate statues and talk of “white supremacy” exposes a link between the divisive spirit at work in the 1860’s and today, beginning with the riots and demonstrations of the 1960’s.

The name of this spirit is Leviathan . This world ruler spirit hovers at the gates of influence. It supervises a whole process of mind control—sowing division and dismembering relationships by twisting the meaning of words and communication. This spirit is king over the children of pride and the Bible has a surprising amount to say about it.

Isaiah writes: In that day the Lord will take his terrible, swift sword and punish Leviathan, the swiftly moving serpent, the coiling, writhing serpent. He will kill the dragon of the sea (Isaiah 27:1 NLT).

Leviathan operates in the realm of your thoughts, causing a battle in the mind. You try but you just can’t seem to shake it off. This is a spirit that God wants to attack for you. If you try to fight it head on, it will raise up several battles at one time to overwhelm you.

Job 41 says of Leviathan: …who can penetrate its double layer of armor? Who could pry open its jaws? For its teeth are terrible! …Leviathan makes the water boil with its commotion. (vv. 13-14, 31 NLT). Picture a creature like a crocodile, whose toothy mouth makes up almost a third of its size. The crocodile stays hidden under water with only its eyes breaking the surface to see. It approaches with stealth and clamps its jaws onto a victim’s limb with hundreds of pounds of pressure per inch. Then it begins the “death spiral” where it spins around. Invariably it dismembers a limb or drags its prey underwater where it drowns. Sound violent? Consider how many churches, marriages, friendships and ministries it has chewed up.

I remember one confrontation with this spirit.  God was touching people in my church and several older members were not pleased. They saw the laughing and falling on the floor as disruptive—more emotional than genuine. They all sat together with their arms crossed. As I spoke one Sunday, there was a loud growl from the corner of the sanctuary. I thought it was a teenager disrupting the meeting and dispatched a deacon to check it out. Nobody was there other than our video cameraman. After the service this cameraman came up to me trembling. He said he heard the growl behind him and when he turned to look there was no one there.

We discovered the growl had been recorded on the video. When I played the video for my friend, Graham Cooke, he said, “That’s a devil in the church. If I were you, I’d examine why the spirit’s here…. There must be enough people in agreement to allow it to get into the building.” I looked at the location where the growl originated and noticed it was in the back of the church by an exit door. I heard the words, “criticize and leave.” That’s what it did. This spirit got people to become critical and leave. If enough people are in strife or discord, a devil can get into the church or anywhere there is a gathering of believers.

We declared a solemn assembly to repent of our role in allowing this thing to come into God’s house. I told the church that God Himself was going to come down on Sunday morning and deal with that spirit and anybody in agreement with it. I advised that each of us should inspect our hearts. The church took this word as seriously as I did and many fasted and prayed through the week.

As I arrived at church that Sunday morning, I immediately sensed the atmosphere had changed. One person after another came up to me to wash my feet. They were the complaining people. Soon people were washing each other’s feet. As we came to communion, one of the sons of a church leader who had been critical approached me with tears in his eyes asking, “Why can’t it always be like this?” I told him we could always have God’s presence if we always lived like we were living that morning.

It was one of the sweetest Sundays we had ever had. We never actually had to confront the spirit because we tore up the common ground of agreement we had with it in the first place.

Here is the other side of the story. A week later a number of people didn’t come back to church. Several who had that Leviathan spirit working on them left the service and picked up their criticism. The Lord showed me a vision of a long claw that had its nails in each of them. As the spirit was rejected by the church, it was no longer allowed to return so it pulled those people out who still had agreement with it! I don’t believe they truly broke with that spirit when we had the solemn assembly. I think they felt they were right, and Leviathan works best with the spirit of pride. However, there was such a strong, corporate agreement from those who decided to walk in love for God and one another that they neutralized the effect of those who were carrying that demonic spirit. The moment we came into agreement, God removed the people who would not repent.

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The battle for your mind will intensify in the last days, but you can find victory. We have authority over ALL the works of hell. Learn to discern that flood of negative thoughts that comes into your soul. Most of the time it is this spirit trying to poison a relationship. There are many testimonies of people who took authority over this spirit and were delivered from insomnia, migraines and hindrances to reading and understanding the Bible. Develop and maintain a bulletproof spirit of love and unity and this spirit will never penetrate your house or congregation. Also, Leviathan will be defeated and cut off of the media in America as more of us see its operation and agree on what needs to be done.

Dr. Lance Wallnau is an internationally recognized speaker, business and political strategist. He currently directs the Lance Learning Group, a strategic teaching and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas.

heavenYou and I are making history in Heaven!

Last month I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Since then I have had a frustrating time trying to navigate our complex healthcare system. I have not been able to see the sleep care doctor even once! And the physician assistant (PA) is almost impossible to reach. Usually, I am only able to reach the physician assistant’s assistant or the answering machine. The PA’s assistant has been about as informative as the answering machine.

Then I had to go to another state for a month because of my wife’s recovery from knee replacement surgery. I called the PA’s assistant back in my home state because I needed help adjusting the apnea machine. He said the only way I could get the machine adjusted was to come see the PA in person. Of course, this was not possible because I was in another state. I was exasperated, but I was caught totally off guard by what happened next!

The PA’s assistant suddenly got stern and said, “I will not have you yell at me!”

Frankly, I do not yell at anyone. But before I could say that I hadn’t raised my voice, I was arrested by the Holy Spirit. I was reminded of Dr. Lance Wallnau’s recent teaching on It’s Supernatural! about the spirit of Leviathan. Lance said the ONLY way to stop this spirit is to act in love. Binding and loosing and casting it out doesn’t work! Using logic just activates this spirit and makes the person it is controlling go crazy.

So I didn’t justify or defend myself but said sincerely, “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to yell. Please forgive me.” Then there was dead silence on the phone. I was sure he had hung up! So after about 30 seconds of silence I asked, “Are you there?” Then he said, “Thank you.” We both hung up.

When I speak to the PA’s assistant now, it’s like he is a different person. He is so pleasant. That’s because I am talking to the real person. Before, I was speaking to a spirit. The teachings by Lance Wallnau have such a strong anointing they will allow you to walk in love, even when it hurts!

The late Bob Jones was a friend and well known prophet. He once shared a powerful experience from several decades ago of being transported in the spirit to heaven. When Jesus sent Bob back to earth, He gave him a message for the body of Messiah—“Did you learn to love?”—as if to say, that is the MAIN purpose of our lives. Walking in love is my goal! How about you?

Bob, along with many others, saw and prophesied about the next and largest revival in history. I am convinced it is beginning NOW.

I attend two churches—one in the Charlotte area and one in Georgia where I am now acting as “nurse Sid” for my wife. Both pastors are personal friends. Both are experiencing different aspects of revival. One is deep repentance and change. The other is the tangible visitation of God’s Spirit with signs following.

The next move of God will feature both elements. The holiness of God will be restored and the average believer will walk in greater miracles than this generation has EVER seen! Once the move hits, it will be like a spiritual nuclear explosion. Nothing will be able to stop it! That is why God has entrusted me with such unprecedented supernatural tools for evangelism and mentoring including our own TV networks, my own TV show, a book publishing company, amazingly large Jewish outreaches and much more!

Thank you so much for believing in me and in God’s vision. And thank you for your prayers and financial support. We are partners in the greatest evangelism explosion in history. If your prayers do not seem to be answered for the salvation of your loved ones, for ministry, finances or healing, hang on by faith. The best is yet to come! This harvest will be a billion souls, including you and your house!

I am writing this just before my next Israeli outreach. You will probably hear the results before you receive this newsletter. This will be different than any Jewish outreach in our history. We have two evangelistic events. One will have 1,000 unsaved Jewish Israelis and the other will have 150 elderly Jewish Holocaust survivors. For the Holocaust survivors, this may be their last chance for salvation.

The replay of the larger outreach will be broadcast throughout Israel, the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, the United States and Europe! I expect the results for healings and salvations will be multiplied many times over. I also expect the future leaders of the move of God in Israel to be birthed from this outreach—and even for the evangelization of the nations from Israel! We have evangelistic opportunities that are unprecedented in history. We—you and I—are making history in heaven!