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By transforming root issues recorded in our DNA we will be free to walk in joy and wholeness.

By Dr. Jim Richards

After 35 years of studying health and medicine, I have discovered that nothing affects our health more than our feelings and emotions. We often don’t notice these negative feelings until they are triggered by circumstances. But did you ever consider that the feelings and bad reactions were trapped inside your body before the bad circumstance occurred?

These negative emotions are like the thorns that choke out the good seed in the Parable of the Sower. In order to see healing and breakthrough in every area of our lives, our hearts need to be transformed to believe God. We are double-minded in our heart because of these trapped emotions. Once we are single-minded, we will have faith for the impossible.

I have seen more people healed by praying the “prayer of transformation” included in this article and replacing negative thoughts and emotions with the truth of God’s Word than anything else in 40 years of walking in the miraculous. Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 how to deal with the destructive thoughts and feelings that come to us as a result of hearing or believing things that are not true. In verse 4 he says “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.” The word “weapons” could just as well have been translated as “tools.” Paul says these “tools” are not based on the flesh, but they are mighty for the pulling down of strongholds.

These are not demonic strongholds. They are intellectual, cultural and religious strongholds. They are philosophical structures. And Paul says in verse 5 that with these tools, he’s going to cast “down arguments [King James says ‘imaginations’] and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of [Messiah].” Bringing something captive to the obedience of Messiah means I’m going to make a determination: Does this argument or imagination or doctrine really line up with what Messiah accomplished through His obedience? If it doesn’t, then I’ve got to totally reject it.

All of our destructive behavior is driven by some destructive feeling. The problem is, we either haven’t identified that feeling, or we haven’t understood how detrimental that feeling is. There is a biblical principle that says “every seed bears after its own kind.” If a negative feeling or thought drives me to speak words or take certain actions, the outcome of those actions will produce more of the negative feelings that started the whole process. We can’t be driven by negative feelings and expect to have healthy, positive outcomes. For example, many times we’re moved by fear and we try to tell ourselves it’s faith. We waver from one opinion to another because we don’t keep our thoughts and feelings in harmony with the promises of God.

What’s the answer? After all, in real life, it’s very rare that you’re going to be able to just stop everything when you encounter a negative feeling and go somewhere to a quiet place to meditate and get in touch with your heart. We need a tool that we can use quickly whenever our feelings try to take us anywhere inconsistent with the Word of God. I’ve written what I call the “prayer of transformation” to immediately stop the wavering process. The moment we recognize any negative thought or feeling, we’ve got to immediately interrupt it. If you use this prayer, you have to be intentional about every part of it. Otherwise, it just becomes a religious exercise. Here’s a real-life example of how to pray.

Let’s say you’re feeling overwhelmed. Our first tendency is to rationalize why we are feeling that way: “I’ve got so much work to do, so much pressure on me, and I’m under tight deadlines.” But if you give in to that, even if you meet your goals, it’s still going to end badly somewhere along the way, because every seed bears after its own kind. We must resist the tendency to justify the negative feelings and instead make a choice to get rid of them. Here’s how I would pray in that circumstance (prayer in bold type): “Heavenly Father, search my heart and discover the origin of this feeling of being overwhelmed.”

Why do I want Him to discover the origin? Because I don’t know if this feeling of being overwhelmed is really about how much work I have to do. I don’t know if it’s because this situation reminds me of a negative experience from my past. I just want to give God permission to go to the very root of it. “Go to the very root of my being, and resolve this origin in order to bring every aspect of my spirit, soul and body into harmony with Your truth, and my true identify in Messiah.”

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We’re not trying to get God to do something that hasn’t already been paid for. We’re bringing this thought or feeling captive to the obedience of Messiah. Jesus has already paid for my deliverance from feeling overwhelmed. Jesus has already paid for me to have the power to accomplish things, to have peace, and to have the mind of Messiah. My issue is, will I take hold of the power to make it work in my life? Continue to pray. “Search through every generation —” Why every generation? Because we have learned that through cellular memories we pick up traits from our relatives going back several generations.

“Search every generation, every cellular memory, and every action — because I’ve probably done things that have contributed to this — and every expression of this feeling of being overwhelmed. And heal me completely, according to the finished work of Jesus, until Your life, light, love, truth, righteousness, peace and joy empower me to completely forgive myself for every inappropriate expression… I have to forgive myself for every way I’ve given expression to my dysfunction…for every distorted perception and every destructive behavior (and here’s the clincher) and forgive every person, place or circumstance that has contributed to this feeling of being overwhelmed.

“I choose to express my love for myself and my right, as a child of God, by allowing every mental, emotional, spiritual and physical disease, and inappropriate behavior based on this root problem recorded in my DNA, to be transformed.” It is my right as a child of God to exercise this authority. And I have to love myself enough to do this. I want to transform every inappropriate aspect of how this has been expressed in my life, and I really want this thing rooted out of my DNA, rooted out of who I am. And then, I’m going to make a positive declaration: “I choose being at peace and confident. I choose feeling at peace and confident. I am at peace and confident. It’s done, it’s finished, it’s mine, by the resurrection of Jesus! And I thank You Holy Spirit for the grace to live in the fullness of my identity as a child of God, a new creation in Messiah. And I thank You Jehovah my Healer, Who is good and only good. You’re my God, my strength, my hope, and my salvation.”

Dr. Jim Richards, founder of
Impact Ministries, Huntsville, AL.

After you have prayed, express your personal love and appreciation to Him! You might find yourself doing this more times a day than you can imagine. But I would rather deal with feelings of anger a hundred times a day for two weeks than to end up with cancer ten years from now. I would rather deal with my feelings of being overwhelmed than to always endure back pain. I know if I don’t confront these negative feelings they will continually manifest in my life.

Keep this sample prayer with you (see pdf version) so that the moment you feel any kind of negative feeling that’s inconsistent with the finished work of Jesus, you can immediately put a stop to it. You might have to do this often at first, but soon you will notice that the negative feelings are greatly reduced. Or even when the thought of them shows up, the feeling isn’t there to drive your behavior. And then you will start noticing that sicknesses and diseases will begin to leave your body. Watch financial problems, employment problems and relationship problems begin to disappear. I call this process, “putting off and putting on.” Put off the old feelings and emotions and put on the truth of God’s promises. Now you will be able to believe God’s Word with your whole heart. Don’t let your past rob you of your future!

Dear Mishpochah

This has never happened before in history. I just got an amazing 35th anniversary gift from the Lord. We have now received the funds to mail nearly 200,000 more copies of my Jewish evangelistic book to Jewish people. That will give us a grand total of 1 million books mailed to 1 million Jewish families in North America!

This has never happened before in history! Shortly after this good news, I got a call from our publisher who told me we have now printed and distributed over 2 million of these Jewish evangelistic books worldwide. Take a look at the brand-new cover of They Thought for Themselves. Then I got a call from a Yeshiva student (almost a rabbi) who came to the Lord through our book. He has now become a bold witness for the Lord and he asked me to help him get into Bible college.

Ten testimonies of Jewish
believers in Yeshua
help Jewish families find
their Messiah.


As I look around our new Media and Mentoring Center, I am overwhelmed with the goodness of God. Our television facility uses the newest technology. Major secular networks are examining our studio to duplicate our advanced state-of-the-art control room, cameras and broadcast set up.

Then I just received an email from a man who was at the top of the waiting list for a new kidney. He needed a transplant or he would die. I had met him one day while I was out walking and prayed for him to get a new kidney. He was a total stranger and I never saw him again. The email says that from the day I laid hands on him, his kidney test stopped its decline. He told the transplant people to give the next kidney to someone who needed it! I believe this type of God encounter will become normal in your life. And I know what will release these miracles. If you can walk in the God kind of love 24/7, this will activate all the promises of God.

When I was a young Jewish
believer, a prophet sang this
song over me. I sing this
prophetic song over you now in the spirit.

You were chosen before the world began

To be My servant.

You were chosen before the world

To be My slave.

You were chosen not by your choice
but by Mine.

You were chosen.

You were chosen to bear My Name.

You are gifted with a gift that comes
from above.

You are gifted with a gift of
abundant love.

You are chosen.

You are chosen to bear My Name.

I now see why God says in
1 Corinthians 14:1a (Amp.),
“Eagerly pursue and seek to
acquire [this] love [make it your
aim, your great quest]…”

Did you know that this
supernatural, miracle-working
love of God is already alive
in you? When you were born
again, according to Romans 5:5
you received this gift. But this gift is in seed
form and must grow. Did you know that
faith for all God’s promises works by this
gift? (Galatians 5:6).
The best way for this seed to grow is to
meditate (mumble out loud) the
Word of God and then
act on these promises.
This is not natural love
but supernatural love.
You cannot walk in this
God kind of love on
your own. This is why
I suggest you meditate
on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
three times a day. The
enclosed bookmark will
help (see pdf version). But even as the
fruit is developed there
are still obstacles that
try to prevent us from
believing God’s Word
with all of our heart.


Above: Sid with recent guest Grace Williams in our new studio. Below: show production in our new control room.

Dr. Jim Richards has
identified these obstacles
and teaches us how to be
free. Once you are free,
you can live in love, joy and
peace. In other words, you
will be stress free. When you are stress free
you can hear God’s voice and see every
promise in God’s Word come to pass in
your life. His teaching helps eliminate the
static and fine-tunes your spirit into God’s
frequency. I can’t wait to hear the reports
once you are mentored with Jim’s eight
teaching CDs entitled, Change Your Heart,
Change Your World. It is truly the missing link
to all God’s promises.

Shalom and Love,

Sid Israel Roth

P.S. When we raised the money to send
one million Jewish evangelistic books we
did not allow a margin to use for our other
expenses. All your money went into souls.
Now we must increase our income as our
expenses have increased dramatically.
I want you to be under the same favor
of God I walk under. Please pray about
increasing your partnership and watch God
smile on you.


Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright ©1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.




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