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Messianic Vision - March 2016 Newsletter

Praying the Lord’s Prayer is like a fountainhead, the answers just keep coming.

By Cleddie Keith

I began praying the most supernatural prayer on earth (“The Lord’s Prayer”) in 1971. My prayer, as taught by Jesus, was: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

With that prayer on our lips, my wife and I entered into a new intimacy with God that catapulted us into a Book-of-Acts lifestyle.

I find it amazing that when you pray for God to get what He wants, then you often will find yourself receiving what you want.  A good example of this is found in First Samuel. Hannah, the mother of Samuel, received what she wanted, a son, and God received what He wanted, a Prophet. Her request was manifest on earth as it was in heaven, but there had to be a vessel it could be birthed through, and Hannah was that vessel.

Somebody has to do something

Late one Saturday night in the early 1970s, my wife and I were driving through downtown Houston, Texas on our way home from a dinner engagement. We observed a gathering of thousands of young people just hanging out, seemingly without purpose or direction. After some time, my wife spoke up, breaking the silence. All she said was,  “Somebody has to do something.” When she said these words, it was like the voice of God pierced my heart. My heart began to burn with a passion for the youth of my generation. That moment became a movement in my life.

Inspired by the Lord’s Prayer, my wife and I began to pray, “Thy Kingdom come in the East End of Houston as it is in heaven.” We often prayed emphatically like this: “Come Thy Kingdom, be done  Thy will!” That is how forceful it is in the original language. And we asked God to give us a place to work with young people that was located away from the church.

After one week of my wife and I praying this way in secret, a woman came to see my pastor and told him she was moving to another part of Texas. God had instructed her to give her property to the church, consisting of a large house, a three-car garage, an apartment and a duplex. She had just one requirement—the property had to be used to minister to the young people in the area!

A 30-second prayer that sets addicts free

Within weeks of receiving the woman’s exorbitant gift, a ministry was formed and began to function. God’s Kingdom was coming to the East End of Houston, and when it did, it just kept on coming. Hundreds of youth came there to be taught, challenged, and discipled. Many of these young people have continued for decades following the Lord.

Here was the heart of the message we taught them—a believer comes to his Master to learn and follows Him in a relationship of love. Out of this relationship of love, we learned together what it meant to be about things that mattered to Him. We called our outreach the Salt Inn, and young people came from all across Houston to experience the love of God.

The favor of God was on everything that we did, including a 30-second prayer that set addicts free. When I would minister to a drug addict who was high, I would simply pray, “Lord, give them snap,” and God would snap  them out of their high just like that. Many were immediately set free of their addiction and never went back. They didn’t have to go through a drug program or any kind of therapy. They began to follow God as disciples and their lives were transformed.

Supernatural protection

One day a drug addict attempted to burglarize the Salt Inn in the middle of the day when it was closed. As he approached the back door of the building, a large angel appeared right before him. The would-be thief fled in fear for his life. This story went throughout the whole East End of the city.

We only had one other attempted break-in, and the person was not from our area. He was the brother of the president of a notorious motorcycle gang known all over the state. We were holding special services at our church located a few blocks away. I was on the platform when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me someone was breaking into the Salt Inn and I was to go there quickly to stop him.

I left without telling anyone and drove as fast as I could. When I arrived, I saw a young man on the porch with his arm drawn back ready to break the front window. I jumped out of the car, startling him, and shouted, “Hey! What are you doing?” He said, “I am looking for Cleddie Keith.” I had never seen him before. By that evening, he was saved and delivered, and a few nights later we had the privilege of baptizing him in the bathtub at the Salt Inn. Less than three months later, he died in a house trailer fire.

Oh God, give me that school!

One Sunday, while driving by a public school on our way to church, I noticed that the school looked dark spiritually. I prayed a simple prayer, “Oh God, give me that school!” To my surprise, God responded immediately: “Son I  have given you that school.”

In one 45-day period, we saw hundreds of young people come to Messiah Jesus and hundreds more touched at Jackson Junior High School. Students would bring me handfuls of drugs, and I would take them and lay them on the principal’s desk. Our group met each morning, 30 minutes before school, for prayer and testimonies. I can still remember the young people holding hands and interceding for the teachers and student body.

One night, we went to the school in our bus to pick up young people who would return with us to the Salt Inn for ministry. A loudmouthed kid with long hair and a ball cap twisted on his head got on the bus and asked with slurred speech, “Hey mister, can I go with you?” I said, “Sure, why not?” I didn’t realize he meant literally that he wanted to stay with us. This young man, Jacob Aranza, ended up living with us for the next nine years, and he became like a son. In the decades that followed, God uniquely equipped him to do what I never could have done. He has spoken in public schools and assemblies to 6.5 million young people. Today, he leads a network of churches attended by fifty thousand. Jacob was just one of the many young people through whom the Kingdom was made manifest.

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Looking back, my wife and I attribute all that God did in those days to learning the value of praying the Lord’s Prayer. That prayer is like a fountainhead—the answers just kept on coming. Souls were saved, lives were changed, and young people got their personal mandate and marching orders from God.

For me, it has been a life-changing prayer. I see the world differently. I hear more clearly in the spirit. This prayer releases God’s Kingdom in every area of your life, but first it is planted as a seed in your heart. As the Kingdom grows within you, it is then manifested and released in all that you do. Praying the Lord’s Prayer with faith, passion and true understanding will become the roadmap to your destiny. Now you know why I call it the most supernatural prayer on earth!

Since the early days of the Charismatic and Jesus movements, Pastor Cleddie Keith has been a man consumed with a passion for revival. His insights on how to pray according to the pattern of the lord’s Prayer have been taught to millions.

heavenDear Mishpochah

By Sid Roth

For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a lamp that burns.Isaiah 62:1

At the first Pentecost, Peter preached an evangelistic message in Jerusalem and 3,000 Jewish people were saved (Acts 2:41). But these staggering numbers of Jewish salvations have not happened in Israel in nearly 2,000 years….until NOW!

In late October in Tel Aviv, Israel, over 1,700 unsaved Jewish Israelis came in 33 buses to my lecture on the supernatural. We partnered with 100 Israeli believers from seven Israeli Messianic Jewish congregations to make this historic event happen. What an awesome sight it was as a total of 1,800 Israelis jammed into the large auditorium to hear my lecture.

Then something happened that I have never heard of in over 40 years of interviewing God’s generals of healing. As I flowed in words of knowledge at the start of the meeting, 1,000 Israelis were instantly healed. Now I had their undivided attention and they hung on my every word. When I gave the altar call, 94% stood up and made a public profession of faith!

Later, I instructed them to lift holy hands to God like King David spoke about in the Psalms. With hands raised, I prayed for them to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. At the end of the meeting, we gave these brand-new believers my latest booklet, Where Do Rabbis Go When They Die?

The workers on the buses overheard many talking about the peace they had experienced and the miracles they had received. All seven Israeli Messianic Jewish congregations will now follow up to disciple these new believers.

Including this latest outreach, we have now seen approximately 7,000 Jewish people make professions of faith in our meetings in the last two and a half years—mostly in Israel.

This is what I know: this is the set time to favor Zion. A great revival is ready to hit Israel as well as the entire Middle East. This is why God has entrusted us with the Middle East Television Network (METV). It’s still hard for me to believe we own a network that is “must carry” on every television in Israel as well as covering the entire Middle East! We must be closer to the return of Jesus than anyone can imagine. Thank you for partnering with me to reach the Jew…to reach the world!