Hanukkah Catalog 2021

Unlock your own God encounters!

Joshua Giles’ intense search for God encounters led to a remarkable and deeper personal walk with God. Joshua says these same encounters are available to you! Through his book and 3-CD audio series, Secrets to an Encounter with God, Joshua reveals supernatural keys that will help propel you into a deeper dimension in the Spirit. Also included is Joshua’s bonus CD, Supernatural Wisdom, Favor and Divine Appointments.
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Be empowered!

Isaiah Saldivar learned about the war that is being fought right in front of you, and also behind your back. This one-day atheist, next-day deliverance prodigy was literally catapulted into ministry with wisdom beyond his years. In his 4-CD audio teaching series, Be Empowered, Isaiah gives you the tools to defeat depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, tormenting thoughts and more.
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What is the Glory of God?

As you read The Glory of God Revealed, you will be amazed at the wonderful things Donna Rigney has learned on her spiritual encounters with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Donna shares her vivid accounts of a special golden mountain in Heaven—and all that glorious mountain holds for God’s children. In her 3-CD audio series, Soaking in the Glory, Donna goes on to clearly explain what the Glory is and how to cultivate your own encounters.
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Break the spirit of trauma!

When the spirit of trauma is broken, healing WILL break through! The Holy Spirit used Dr. Mike Hutchings in a supernatural way to bring healing to thousands bound by the spirit of trauma. In his new book, Supernatural Freedom from the Captivity of Trauma, and 3-CD audio series, Defeating the Terrors of Trauma, Mike helps you to identify the symptoms and root of trauma issues, overcome all debilitating anxiety, fear and nightmares and receive physical, emotional and spiritual freedom.
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Decree your victory!

Are you ready to defeat the assignments of hell against your family and create a heavenly atmosphere in your home? Through her book, Daily Decrees for Family Blessing and Breakthrough, Brenda Kunneman empowers you with 65 Bible-based prophetic declarations to overcome every strategy of the enemy that comes against your marriage, children, finances and household. Plus, in her 3-CD audio series, No More Interruptions to Answered Prayer, Brenda reveals how to have confidence in the answers to your prayers.
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The Bible just got more supernatural!

The outstanding and faithful Modern English Version (MEV) is the basis of the newly released Large Print Edition of The Supernatural Bible. The first section contains 78 pages of resources. The Bible includes original Hebrew words and names such as Yeshua (Jesus), Miriam (Mary) and shofar (trumpet). Chain-referenced commentaries by Dr. Sandra Kennedy, Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Keith Ellis and Sid Roth appear throughout the Bible. Also included is Sid’s book, It’s Supernatural!, jam-packed with wisdom from Sid’s years of interviewing generals of the faith.
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A Rabbi’s journey to Heaven

Rabbi Felix Halpern suddenly died, but it was only a new beginning for how Felix relates to God in his daily life now. In his new book, A Rabbi’s Journey to Heaven, and 2-CD audio series, Heaven and Beyond, Felix gladly shares on the splendors of Heaven, but you quickly realize he is focused on something greater—the overwhelming Glory of God available to you NOW.
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Presence and Power

The secret to a thriving prayer life is not learned by formula—and it was never meant to be a secret. You need the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. David Hernandez provides direct answers to hard questions about personal prayer in his book, Praying in the Holy Spirit. And his 4-CD series, 9 Symbols of the Holy Spirit, gives you a deeper understanding of the nature of the Holy Spirit found throughout Scripture, but easily missed.
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Redeem Your Timeline

God is not confined by the limits of time so neither are you. Troy Brewer says God is not ashamed of your past or uncertain about your future. Troy’s book and 2-DVD set, Redeeming Your Timeline, guides you through a personal encounter with Jesus your Redeemer as you move beyond the fears and traumas of the past and take hold of supernatural peace. This package also includes Troy’s transforming teaching CD, Five Gifts from Jesus.
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Mystery of the Power Words

Kevin Zadai says there are words straight from Scripture that paralyze the devil. Kevin calls them power words…and he says satan wants them removed from your vocabulary. In his book, Mystery of the Power Words, Kevin brings laser sharp focus to the words you speak so you can access the power of Heaven according to God’s will for your life. His 3-CD audio series, You Can Outlast the Devil, will explain the devil’s strategy and equip you to stop him in his tracks.
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