Hanukkah Catalog 2018

The Holy Spirit Longs for Your Presence

David Hernandez takes you on an unforgettable journey to discover and experience the Holy Spirit’s powerful presence. This special package includes David’s book and bookmark, Encountering the Holy Spirit in Every Book of the Bible, as well as his 3-CD series, How to Become a Friend of the Holy Spirit. These resources will empower you to see the Holy Spirit come alive in your life like you never thought possible! Donation of $35 ($42 cdn)

Be Healed and Stay Healed

Through these anointed resources, Aliss Cresswell provides proven, practical steps to removing the roadblocks that are keeping you from receiving and maintaining your healing. Included are her book, How to Be Healed and Stay Healed, as well as her 3-CD teaching series, Spirit Lifestyle: Healing Series. Donation of $35 ($42 cdn)

Mysteries of the Feasts

This special offer includes Perry Stone’s book, Breaking the Code of the Feasts, his 3-CD series, Mysteries of the Feasts, and the CD, Revealing God’s Glory. You will discover the best-kept secrets concerning future prophetic events that will impact planet earth! Donation of $39 ($47 cdn)

Finding Your Miraculous God

This package includes Bruce Van Natta’s book, A Miraculous Life, 2-CD set, Positioning Yourself for Supernatural Victory, and the booklet, God Will Talk Through You. Bruce lives a supernatural lifestyle, seeing healings and miracles regularly taking place around him. These handpicked resources are like having Bruce personally train you in the supernatural! Donation of $29 ($36 cdn)

God is Speaking. Do You Hear Him?

This offer by Dave Hayes (Praying Medic) includes his book, Hearing God’s Voice Made Simple, 3-CD series, Hearing God, and his prophecy CD, Hearing God in Today’s Political World. God is already speaking to you, and these resources will teach you how to recognize His voice! You’ll also get the inside scoop on what God has revealed to Dave regarding the current political arena. Donation of $39 ($47 cdn)

The Power of the Priestly Blessing

An avid student of the Bible,  Warren Marcus has unlocked the meaning of the only prayer in the Bible written by God Himself—the ancient High Priest’s prayer. In his book and 2-CD series, The Priestly Prayer of the Blessing, Warren helps unlock the meaning from the ancient Hebrew of God’s prayer of the Blessing and reveals how this prayer will cause you to walk every day in supernatural health, divine provision, prosperity, angelic protection and God’s power and authority! His offer includes a beautiful print, suitable for framing, with the amplified Hebrew-to-English interpretation of this ageless prayer. Donation of $39 ($47 cdn )

Become a Friend of God

Henry Gruver has spent over five decades experiencing a lifestyle of supernatural power and the presence of God in his life. He wants to mentor you to do the same. In his exclusive 5-CD set, Keys to Power, Authority and the Coming Glory, Henry will teach you how to commune with God, plead the Blood of Jesus and operate in your authority as a believer. Donation of $35 ($42 cdn )

Pray From the Heavenly Realms

In his new book, Praying From the Heavenly Realms, along with his 2-CD series, Getting Heaven’s Attention, and soaking music CD,  Kevin Zadai offers you the keys to accessing your dual citizenship in Heaven and earth. Learn to echo the words spoken in Heaven and see your prayers answered as never before! Donation of $35 ($42 cdn )

Win the War in the Unseen Realm

The spirit of Leviathan is constantly at work trying to deceive and divide us—now more than ever! This special offer includes  Lance Wallnau’s 2-CD set, Leviathan, as well as his 3-CD series, Breaking Controlling Spirits. You will learn how to protect yourself, your family, business and ministry from the spirit of Leviathan and other controlling spirits. Donation of $39 ($47 cdn )