This year has exceeded my wildest expectations—and you were a part of it!

Here's what we were able to accomplish for the Kingdom:

Evangelistic Outreaches

Even with COVID-19, the enemy couldn't stop Jewish evangelism!

Our outreach in Galilee, Israel back in January had over 738 unsaved Jewish people in attendance and 500 salvations!

And to date we have now sent over 3.4 million copies of our evangelistic books to Jewish and Muslim households in North America!

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Social Media has Exploded!

Because of the pandemic we were pushed to move more into social media and God used it for good. While I was stuck in my apartment, I was able to do timely, informal interviews on my iPad for Facebook and YouTube. These videos have gotten millions of views and our social media channels have exploded!

• Our main YouTube channel now has 1.25 million subscribers—over 33% growth just this year!

• But our Facebook presence has expanded even faster with a 78% increase to a total of 1.1 million followers.

• Over 125,000 follow us on Instagram, more than double a year ago.

• And we have just completed a special studio for our social media videos

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So Much is Happening at METV!

METV—the crown Jewel of our ministry—is in EVERY home in Israel that owns a television! Also, through satellite, we reach the entire Middle East! On METV we include secular programming like the NFL and Major League Baseball to draw them in. But the Christian programs we air feature the supernatural of God. That’s what makes them so evangelistic.

And we just added a major U.S. news program to METV—One America News Network (OAN)! It is the only major TV news network that is based on Judeo-Christian and conservative values.

ISN and It's Supernatural!

The pandemic did not stop us from recording not only new episodes of It's Supernatural! but we've also produced more shows than ever before for our It's Supernatural Network (ISN)!

And because we own ISN—we don't have to worry about being kicked off the air. We'll still be broadcasting It's Supernatural! and ISN worldwide in 2021 and beyond!


As you join with our soul-winning ministry to reach out to the Jew first, I believe God for the Glory and favor that rests upon us to come upon you and your house.

This is the set time to favor Zion—The best is yet to come!