2021 Summer Catalog

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With the Help of Angels…

Blake Healy has seen angels and demons since he was a small child. Thirty years later, he has something to say about how the unseen realm vies for influence… in your already busy world. Blake’s new book, Indestructible, describes the uncontested power of knowing who you are as a believer. And His 3-CD series, 9 Keys to Seeing in the Spirit, will help you discover a deeper relationship with God through your gifts. Donation of $35 ($46 cdn)

Be Revived!

Out of her own health challenges, Katie Souza made the choice to search out life-giving promises in the Word of God. She says the Bible’s youthrestoring promises are for this generation, now! Katie’s book, Be Revived, 2-CD soaking/declaration series, Speak Life, (with music by Janie DuVall) and companion CD, The Power of Communion, are tools you will need for your own journey. Donation of $35 ($46 cdn)

Your Supernatural Gifts

Get ready to receive a heavenly impartation from Tracy Cook, who operates at high levels in all the gifts of the Spirit. Tracy says God has already placed your gifts in you. They are waiting to be opened and activated. Learn how through Tracy’s new book, Heavenly Secrets to Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts, and 3-CD series, Positioning Yourself for Visitations. Donation of $35 ($46 cdn)

Redeem Your Timeline

God is not confined by the limits of time so neither are you. Troy Brewer says God is not ashamed of your past or uncertain about your future. Troy’s book and 2-DVD set, Redeeming Your Timeline, guides you through a personal encounter with Jesus your Redeemer as you move beyond the fears and traumas of the past and take hold of supernatural peace. This package also includes Troy’s transforming teaching CD, Five Gifts from Jesus. Donation of $40 ($52 cdn)

Mystery of the Power Words

Kevin Zadai says there are words straight from Scripture that paralyze the devil. Kevin calls them power words…and he says satan wants them removed from your vocabulary. In his book, Mystery of the Power Words, Kevin brings laser sharp focus to the words you speak so you can access the power of Heaven according to God’s will for your life. His 3-CD audio series, You Can Outlast the Devil, will explain the devil’s strategy and equip you to stop him in his tracks. Donation of $40 ($52 cdn)

Presence and Power

The secret to a thriving prayer life is not learned by formula—and it was never meant to be a secret. You need the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. David Hernandez provides direct answers to hard questions about personal prayer in his book, Praying in the Holy Spirit. And his 4-CD series, 9 Symbols of the Holy Spirit, gives you a deeper understanding of the nature of the Holy Spirit found throughout Scripture, but easily missed. Donation of $39 ($51 cdn)

Your Angels on Assignment

In his book, Angel Armies on Assignment, Tim Sheets teaches everyday believers how to engage God’s angels and recognize the roles they play in your life. If angels are ministering to you, don’t you want to know why?
And Tim’s 3-CD series, Chariots of Fire, describes the greatest decade ever planned by the Holy Spirit—now unfolding before us. You are meant to be a part of it! Donation of $35 ($46 cdn)

Things change when we decree!

Prophetic voice Brenda Kunneman’s book and teaching series will supercharge your faith and your resolve! Her book, The Daily Decree, lays out a series of 100 biblically-based declarations that were birthed in the heart of God. And Brenda’s 3-CD series, Things Change When We Decree, adds her foundational teachings for how to enforce your authority AND her favorite ways to make decrees! Donation of $35 ($46 cdn)

Bind the Strongman

John Benefiel carries an apostolic burden to break off the spirit of Baal over America. In his book, Binding the Strongman Over America and the Nations, John outlines a prophetic strategy for you to pray effectively against the darkness invading your home, community, America and the planet! John’s 3-CD series, Binding the Strongman Over Yourself, gives you a blueprint for action. Donation of $35 ($46 cdn)