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Everyone Can Hear God's Voice

Shawn Bolz ministers on the street and to royalty, and even to folks who watch It's Supernatural! He say everyone can hear God's voice.

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Meet the Praying Medic

Over the years, the Praying Medic chose to keep his ministry anonymous for practical reasons. These days he sees almost 80% get healed, and now you’re about to meet him.

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“God has delivered me from the power of darkness and has transferred me into the Kingdom of His dear Son. He has filled me with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.”

The Bible truly comes alive when you visit the land of Israel. Passages you read time and time again begin to take on a whole new meaning when you see with your own eyes where they took place.

I want you to have a taste of how passages of the Bible come alive when you witness the setting. For this, I had Robert Vander Maten, President of Noseworthy Travel, share from Caesarea Philippi about Matthew 16, where Jesus tells Simon Peter that "the gates of hell" will not overcome the church He is building.


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