Prayer Needs and Praise Reports

Praise the Lord

  • Praise God! Sid’s weekend trip to speak at Joan Hunter Ministries exceeded expectations. First, Sid was able to interview Dodie Osteen for one of our own programs. Then Sid spoke at the Joan Hunter conference and so many were instantly healed – more than usual for a Christian meeting. The message of the One New Man went out in power.
  • PTL! God gave Sid divine contacts that will be helpful for METV’s future.

Immediate Prayer Focus

We are grateful for those who pray for and with us for what God is allowing Messianic Vision to accomplish for the Kingdom of God. Please join us in prayer for the following immediate prayer needs:

    Sid asks for prayer for the following four needs as we enter 2017:

  • Pray for our TV shoot coming up on Thursday, the 19th. Our guests will be Pat Robertson, Tahni Cullen, and Becky D’Vorak. Sid and Pat will also record a special one-on-one interview for our mentoring session. Pray for technical excellence with these four shows. Pray for an increase in anointing on Sid, guests, and our entire staff and crew to move in both spiritual and professional excellence. Pray for God’s power to be released in the studio and captured on camera.
  • Pray that ISN (It’s Supernatural! Network) develop into a world-class network, increasing in its audience coverage and influence throughout the world.
  • Pray that METV (Middle East Television) becomes a major cultural mover in the Middle East beginning now. Pray that this network carry the anointing of God and become a catalyst for Israel to come to know Messiah Jesus.
  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for all of Israel. Pray for safety for those living in the Land. Pray for Godly leadership. Also, pray for wisdom from God for both the last days of the outgoing US administration and the incoming presidential administration. Pray that President Donald Trump will heed the Word and Godly advice. Pray that the USA becomes a leader in righteousness.
  • Please keep Sid and Joyce and all of our staff and families in prayer for God’s ministering spirits to cover us continually with peace, health, and safety.

Upcoming Events

  • January 19 – It’s Supernatural! TV shoot. Sid interviews Pat Robertson, Tahni Cullen and Becky D’Vorak.
  • January 26 – LIVE TV shoot. Sid interviews Perry Stone, Cindy Jacobs, and Rich Vera.
  • January 28 – Sid speaks at the iAmRemnant conference in Newton, NC.

Continue in Prayer

  • Pray that our books from It’s Supernatural! Press become bestsellers.
  • Continue to pray for increased finances to come into the ministry to fund the many outreach opportunities we have.
  • Continue to pray for Messianic Vision to have our own offices in Israel. Keep praying for God’s favor on Sid and Messianic Vision with officials, Knesset members, and secular leaders in Israel.
  • Pray for more secular television venues to pick up our network.
  • Pray for the funds to mail over 2 million Jewish evangelistic books to over 2 million Jewish families in North America. Pray that many Jewish people will be saved through this outreach.
  • Pray we receive God’s guidance in selecting and securing new programming to be added to ISN and METV.

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